Understand Whether Your Guaranteed Rent is Reliable

Guaranteed Rent is a common term in the spectrum of UK rental properties. It is quite a simple way of renting property by the owner. Generally, they rent out their land asset to a property manager or a real estate company. The owner is liable to get rent every month even if the property isn’t rented yet.

The person or firm providing the guaranteed rent would pay a fixed amount to the owner and get profit by leasing the property at an increased price. Most probably, the contract lasts for five to ten years.

Guaranteed Rent
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Why does a property owner opt for guaranteed rent?

  • It is an easier way to rent your place as you don’t have to search for tenants. There isn’t any need to put effort and money to advertise the property and negotiate with people ready to rent your place. It is all done by the third party who has promised to provide guaranteed rent.
  • Not only it is a hassle-free rental arrangement but also a definite way to enjoy monetary gains even when the property isn’t rented. The company providing a guarantee would give monthly rent as soon as the documents are signed.

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Guaranteed rent is believed to be quite a promising investment however, there are high chances of being duped. Hence, it is mandatory to seek one of the most trustable professional property management firms.

In South London rent of your residential property isn’t a problem as you can contact a trustable property managing company, City Borough Housing. The reviews and ratings posted online by their earlier customers are enough to understand their creditability.

Know whether your guaranteed rent is really trustable:

Guaranteed Rent
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  • It is always advantageous to search for references, reviews, and ratings of various property management companies. There are many real estate agencies In South London ready to provide guaranteed rental however, they may not be reliable. Their earlier customer’s online posts or references support opting for the best guaranteed rental providers.
  • You need to search for a real estate leasing company that believes in managing rental properties for longer periods like for at least a decade. Local property agents do provide valuable guaranteed service however, they promote only short-term guaranteed rental options.
  • The company should offer service legally. It helps to settle any disputes later and you would have peace of mind that when a problem arises there are high chances of settling the matter with ease.
  • They should abide by the protection clause schemes that ensure that the landlord won’t be an enduring loss if the tenant is declining to pay rent.

It is always helpful to ensure that the rental property dealing is done by a well-established land asset managing company. To be safe from unreliable agents and scams it is always beneficial to understand more in detail about the pros and cons of guaranteed rent.

It is best to know in detail about the tenants before agreeing to rent your property as there are high chances of them damaging your property and its value degrading. Hence, enjoy guaranteed rent cautiously!

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