The Prime Causes for Being Troubled with Persistent Depressive Disorder

Persistent Depressive Disorder or Dysthymia is the term used for long time depression a person experiences due to multiple causes. The symptoms are quite a lot that makes the person less inclined to live happily. The feeling of unhappiness persists for long years thus negativity resides in their mind and life forever until they are treated at the reputed intensive mental health treatment center.

Depressive Disorder

Dysthymia is a curable mental disorder however there is a need to have the full support of highly experienced psychologists in health establishments that focus on providing clinical care along with mental treatments. The persistent depressive disorder can be fully treated once you join AMFM in Southern California. They provide personalized treatment working along with their patient’s family. There are conjoint therapies held by well-experienced therapists, who aid in providing compassionate care. Hence, if you or your dear ones are suffering from any mental health problems, consult AMFM.

There is no particular cause that relates to a person suffering from severe depressive thoughts. It is always more than one cause that envelops the person to feel disinterest in doing daily activities. Other symptoms even make them irritable person not preferring any other person’s company. Sometimes they are excessively angry or feel like crying for many hours. They are physically tired and are troubled with insomnia. They don’t socialize as they feel less confident in getting involved in social activities.

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persistent depressive disorder

Here are the major culprits behind experiencing Dysthymia-

  • Defectiveness of brain functions. Sometimes few physical functions of the brain become slow or stop participating actively in body functions, thus it has adverse effects on mental health leading to a person feeling excessively depressed.
  • Neurotransmitters, the brain chemicals change their functions or interact wrongly with neurocircuits. That negatively influences the stability of the mind hence the person experiences mood changes.
  • It is inherited from blood relatives who are suffering from this chronic depression health issues. It may be their parents, grandparents, or first-status relatives like aunt or uncle.
  • Unpleasant events in life are often the main cause that initiates the thoughts of sadness engulfing the person. The uninvited moments may be tragic moments of losing dear ones, being tortured by another person, falling prey to grave illness, or facing financial problems.
  • Personality disorders like feeling low-esteem, being engrossed in negative thoughts, and feeling of inferior complexity are some of the triggering elements.
  • In this modern era, substance abuse is a fast emerging tool for a person to stay fully depressed all the hours.


It can occur at any age as even children are found to suffer from severe depression symptoms. If left untreated it becomes chronic and part of life. To reduce the Dysthymia symptoms the person needs to consult a counselor specialized in psychotherapy.  No doubt it is chronic however, talk therapy, group counseling programmed by skilled psychotherapists, and medications provide relief from Dysthymia symptoms. Hence, join AMFM where they provide individual care for each of their patients to assist them in recovering fast.

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