Trade Show Booth Rental Design Tips

A trade show booth rental is an exceptional way to introduce your brand to potential customers or promote products and services to current customers. It does mean investing some time, money, and team resources. But a show booth rental can bring in new customers and higher sales!

create a trade show booth rental design

The secret to success at a trade show lies in your booth design. And many people wonder if they can have enough impact if they choose a booth rental instead of purchasing a booth. The answer is “YES!” While some aspects of a booth are reserved for when you decide to purchase, you can still create a trade show booth rental design for maximum impact on the floor. Here are some tips to ensure your rental booth stands apart to create an effective impression on visitors.

Use the Space

Maximizing the floor space to make your rental booth flow efficiently improves the customer experience. Use display shelves for your products, hang branded trade show banners, and create a natural flow through the booth.

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Confirm dimensions well in advance, so your trade show booth designers know exactly how to customize your booth. Also, keep barriers away from the entrance of your booth. These obstacles seem uninviting to guests. The front areas should stay open, while private meeting areas remain in the back. Otherwise, capitalize on maximum height allowances for the trade show booth rental to offer greater brand visibility on the floor.

Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

Your trade show rental booth design should remain consistent with the rest of your branding messages.  Brand authenticity requires consistent branding in every venue. Add customized, clear, concise branded trade show banners with a consistent brand color scheme and theme to encourage brand recall. Straightforward graphics convey brand messages most effectively.

Grab Visitor Attention with Custom Graphics

Grabbing customer attention is hard at the best of times. Put yourself in a trade show with dozens of other vendors, and you compete on an even higher level. Custom graphics on trade show banners and signs quickly communicate your brand message. Fortunately, your rental booth includes those customized images and graphics. Use larger-than-life, high-quality custom graphics to present your brand professionally. Your trade show rental company will ensure the colors, fonts, logos, messaging, and overall design are consistent with your brand, especially from across the room.

Play Up the Lights 

Play Up the Lights

Many show booth rental designs lack anything in the way of creative lighting. Be different. Use lights to draw attention to your booth so visitors can see your display from a distance. Increase your visibility, enhance the aesthetic appeal, and create a mood for the customer experience. LED strips highlight product displays, but colored lights help set the mood!

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Using a trade show rental booth provides a great opportunity to spread the word about your products and services to new and existing customers. Give your trade show booth rental the impact it needs to grab the attention of show visitors. Take these tips into consideration for your next trade show booth rental, and you’ll be right on track for a successful show.

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