Top Signs That You Need Breast Reduction

Katarzyna Mackenzie

Large and heavy breasts can make anyone uncomfortable. Besides, so many women are suffering with this problem. According to recent research conducted on women, heavy and large breasts can cause upper back pain in women.

In short, the weight of your breasts could be the reason behind your back pain. This pain can last for several months. Mentioned below are the other signs, which indicate that you need breast reduction.

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If you experience any of the below mentioned signs, then it is better to choose breast reduction surgery without giving a second thought. This surgery can add great happiness to your life.

breast reduction Katarzyna Mackenzie

It gives you an opportunity to live your life comfortably.

  • Numbness: Patients with very big breasts frequently experience numbness or tingling in their arms and hands. This is caused by the weight of the breasts putting strain on the nerves.


  • Poor Body Posture: Big breasts can cause a woman to stoop or hunch, resulting in persistent bad posture, and body ache.


  • Infections: In general, skin folds and rubs against itself when you have too large breasts. As it is difficult to reach that area when bathing, it may result in rashes and infection sometimes.


  • Nothing Fits: Are you worried that nothing fits your body properly? It’s not only you. So many people are fighting with this problem every single day. In fact, they fight with their body while getting dressed daily. The only solution for this problem is losing weight or breast reduction surgery. If you are confident enough that you can lose your weight then try it, as this can result in change in your breast size and shape.


  • People Staring: If people are staring at your large breasts, it is not your problem. It might pull down your confidence level, but what you have to understand here is staying confident is very important in such situation. Ensure that this doesn’t affect your personal and professional life. Go with the breast reduction surgery, if you feel that it can show positive impact on your life.


  • Neck Pain: Large breasts can also increase the burden on your neck muscles, which results in severe neck pain sometimes.


  • Difficulty in Exercising: Swimming, walking, running and other forms of exercising can be difficult for the people with excessively large breasts. In fact, they feel tired very quickly.

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During your consultation, your surgeon will first analyse you case and answers your questions. He or she will then come up with a surgical plan, which suits your requirements well. Remember to ask your questions without any hesitation, as this will help you stay with peace of mind.

Consult a good plastic surgeon in your location, to find a quick and safe solution to your large and heavy breasts!

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