Swimming Pool Sparkling Clean

Tips to Maintain Your Swimming Pool Sparkling Clean

If you are among those who have got a swimming pool in their backyard then you must be enjoying a good time with your family and friends, particularly during the summer season. However, if the swimming pool remains sparkling clean and well maintained then you can proudly display your swimming pool to your friends and also have a party or get-together.

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Let us share in this article, a few tips to keep your swimming pool clean and well maintained.

Swimming Pool Sparkling Clean

1.     Make a scrubbing and skimming your part of life

Make it a habit to scrub once every week or you can scrub it whenever notice, by using a brush to look your pool fresh and clean.

2.     Consider the filter of the pool as the pool’s kidneys

Your pool’s filter is just like your kidneys that are constantly working and removing various impurities from the water. Hence, clean the debris accumulated within the filter regularly.

3.     Pools must have consistent chemical levels

pool maintenance service

Simply buy one testing kit from any local pool store and check the level of the following chemicals:

  • Cyanuric acid
  • Free chlorine
  • PH level of water
  • Total alkalinity
  • Calcium hardness

4.     If chemicals are too costly then try baking soda

No doubt that pool chemicals are quite expensive to purchase. Therefore, you can try using sodium bicarbonate, which is easily available in stores to control the alkalinity.

5.     Don’t be afraid to offer shock to cloudy pool

Swimming Pool Sparkling Clean

Shocking actually refers to raising drastically the chlorine levels to kill all the bacteria. While shocking too often may also risk damage to the pool’s siding, so shock the pool twice every season.

6.     Always keep an eye on the water level

Like the water chemical composition, its level is also as important that can often fluctuate due to heavy rain or during summer. Use garden hose if the level goes too low.

7.     Clean the lint and hair pot

Right inside your pump, the lint and hair pot must be regularly cleared depending on the number of people using the pool.

8.     Limit shocking your pool

Limit shocking your pool

Sometimes you must use chlorine-based shock for eliminating the nitrates due to bird, animal, or even human defecation that may turn into food meant for algae.

9.     Absorb oils by using a tennis ball

Simply throw any tennis ball into the pool water and its fibers will help to absorb the oils and always keep the water free of oils.

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10.Give power wash to keep the pool deck shining

Power washing can help to get rid of any weather stains or rust that may occur in due course of time.

11.Schedule a yearly maintenance service

pool maintenance service

Make sure that all pool equipment like filters, pumps, and heating systems are in good condition and hence schedule your annual or bi-annual maintenance regularly.

12.Learn how to winterize properly to prevent damage

You need to secure your pool during winter too so that you can use it back when next summer comes back again.

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