Things You Should be Aware of while moving from Canada to U.S

There is nothing new in people, who prefer to migrate to the U.S from Canada. It is mainly because U.S offers more job opportunities in every sector and to enjoy the different fast-moving lifestyles. Hence, it is no wonder that thousands of people feel the desire to move to the U.S.

However, it isn’t easy to pack your belongings and move to this wonderful exciting country. You need to consider many things before you settle down in the U.S. You need to hire cross-border moving services from Canada to U.S.A.  Fortunately, there are reputable well experienced packers like Miracle Movers. Once, you hire them, you can forget the tension of packing your belongings and shipping them to the new place.

Now there are quite valid reasons for you to think of settling in the U.S. You get better work and life balance, excellent universities for your children, boost up your earnings and many more. Every person ready to settle in the U.S needs to take care of certain things before they move on to the place. Otherwise, there will be a lot of hassles to face.

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Some guidelines to follow while considering your move from Canada to the U.S:

  • You need to watch whether you have an employment visa, permanent resident card or you have work permit documents. Any of these documents will help you to live and work without any legal problems in the country. The work permit and the employment visa are usually issued in accordance to the number of years or months you will be working in the U.S.
  • Now, to start a business in the country you will need a green card every citizen of the U.S has to prove that they are native. Otherwise, you need to acclaim Business Visa or need to have Investor Green Card. Canadians can avail E-2 or EB-5 programs to begin their journey as U.S entrepreneurs. The other is an investor green card however, it may not sometimes help you to get permanent resident authority. There are high chances of an EB- 5 investor visa helping you to achieve U.S citizenship.
  • The other easy to get citizenship is to marry and an American or get authorization from your immediate relative who holds an American citizenship card.
  • The other necessary documents you must have is your Canadian passport or NEXUS card. People traveling by road need to have a passport along with a NEXUS card or any other document like their driving license.
  • To manage your finance, there is a need to open a USD and CAD account. Mostly to open an account a government-approved photo ID is enough.
  • After arrival, you immediately need to apply for auto insurance and home insurance if you are planning to buy a property.

Once you have the required documents then all you need to do is pack your belongings, find a good home in America to settle down, good schools or colleges for your children. All this work may prove to be a hassle at first however, you will eventually be packing your bags and shipping your cars with the help of reliable packers & movers.

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