Punjab Forts

Explore The Striking Palaces and Forts Of Punjab

The Indian state Punjab is not just known for the bravery of the rulers and lip-smacking food, but the whole region is famous for natural attractions and fascinating constructions. There are innumerable forts and palaces around the historical state that are excellent buildings.

Faridkot Fort

The elegant construction of Punjab, which is to be visited during the holiday. This fort is a majestic masterpiece of art and architecture which delights every visitor. The construction style and the safety measures of the fort are not just impressive but are admirable.

Anandpur Sahib Fort

Another military fort of Punjab, which is a huge building located in Ropar.  This exclusive construction is a marvelous fort that served the rulers at the best and the Gurudwara nearby to the fort and a worthy place to visit.

Forts Of Punjab

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Palace

Located in Amritsar this palace is a splendid construction which was built between 1780-1838 AD. Along with the surroundings of the garden the complete place is a great example of the exceptional taste of the rulers. The palace hosts an ique collection of antiques, coins, weapons, and many more which are worth seeing.

Sheesh Mahal

The mirror palace was constructed by Maharaja Narinder Singh which stands as an example of the excellence of art and architecture. The whole construction made using mirrors hosts a museum which is loaded with a eat collection of the arms, antiques, and things used by the royal family.

Gobindgarh Fort

A one must visit in the princely state Punjab this fort is an amazing place with great artwork. The military fort was built by Bhangi Misi rulers. Mostly referred to Gujar Singh Fort this is a must-visit ace of the state Punjab.

Punjab Forts

Phillaur Fort

Served as a guard of the region this fort was known for protection as well as the style of construction. Constructed during the period of the ish this is a marvelous fort that played a crucial role during the time of independence.

  • Jagatjit Palace

This is a beautiful palace that is known for its exceptional interior and great architecture. The marvelous design and the great paintings make the palace a crucial place in Punjab. A must visit the, which reflects the Indian and French style of architecture.

Bahadurgarh Fort

This is one of the exceptional forts of Punjab and is known for its unique construction style and richness. Started by Nawab Saif Khan this was completed by Maharaja Karam Singh and is the best example of the perfect fort.

Qila Mubarak

Located in Patiala of the state this is a fascinating royal residence of Punjab. The complete construction is a living example of the fine work of the craftsmen and reveals the art and architecture of the ancient rulers. Moti Palace, Moon Palace, and a few more are worthy parts of the fort.

Punjab Forts

Lodhi Fort

Standing in the city Ludhiana the Lodi Killa was built during the period Lodhi’s. The fort of Muslims was constructed by Sikander and owes a great historical significance. The military fort was nearby to the river Sutlej and a 500year old construction.

The above are a few palaces in the state of Punjab which are gateways to explore the heritage and culture of the state and are worth visiting during the holiday in Amritsar.


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