Do You Know About Radiation Shielding and Its Utilization of Glass?

Usually, a particular glass type can be very crucial for various medicines and nuclear applications as they can offer exceptional shielding against different types of radiation. We will briefly discuss in this post, a few most frequently used radiation-shielding glass applications and how such glass can be adapted for shielding against radiation.


What is used for radiation shielding?

1.    Use special glass only.

You need to choose a glass that is most effective for any radiation shielding. You must know its influence due to its chemical composition, and also the microstructure of its materials for radiation shielding.

2.    Use a certain glass with coating.

You must know the method of applying the coating layer and also the minimum thickness of the coating.

3.    Glass fussed to any steel or some other substrate

A combination of glass and other materials can also offer better performance as an effective radiation shielding.

The following are a few most common applications of such lead glass that you can find.

The nuclear industry


The nuclear industries are considered to be the most dangerous industries in the world. The leaded glass plays a very important role in offering the necessary safety, which is vital in the nuclear sector. These glasses can shield people working at atomic power plants, and also nuclear reprocessing or waste treatment centers, and also in isotope production facilities.

Medical facilities

In various hospitals, radiographers, doctors, surgeons,  and nurses may need the protection of superior levels by providing leaded windows made with certain radiation shielding glass.

More particularly for any x-ray rooms meant for CT and PET applications, operating theaters, and a few dental practices will need x-ray glass for mammography where it can protect all medical staff against scattered x-rays.

Scientific research

protective glass

In various scientific research laboratories, dealing with atomic science, lots of harmful substances are constantly handled and RS shielding glass can provide the necessary protection that every scientist may demand.

All these protections are particularly needed in any material testing machinery, nuclear research establishments, and glove box equipment to examine radioactive items.

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Industrial x-ray applications

Radiation shielding glass will also be needed for protecting staff from gamma rays and x-rays in a few industries where analysis of materials or products are performed by using non-destructive testing.

This will effectively test the various properties of the material by not causing any extensive damage. They may also use an x-ray window, which can be a highly efficient way to analyze many different engineering sectors.

Few other applications


This kind of radiation-shielding glass can also be utilized for several other applications across various research activities as well as in different industries. As an example, they can be used in the construction work of an airport X-ray machine, non-destructive materials testings, and in the maintenance activities on the cyclotron.

There are applications of such glass also in-space technologies, where any radiation shielding will be needed to protect both humans as well as equipment from any type of cosmic rays. A new application for which a few companies are now developing a certain lightweight radiation-shielding glass.

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