5 Reasons Professional AC Installation Is Important

Air conditioners have become a staple in most households and places of business. It’s become very hard to imagine a home or an office without an air conditioning system to alleviate the sweltering summer heat. And that’s perfectly understandable. It’s great to simply enter a property, pick up the AC remote, set your ideal temperature, press the button, and voila, you’re ten to fifteen minutes away from the perfect interior temperature.

AC Installation

And, when it’s time to actually purchase an air conditioner or replace your aging one, it’s often the case that buyers tend to pay most attention to the type of unit they’re looking to purchase. From there, it’s all about whether to pair it with a smart thermostat or not, where to mount it and position it, and how to take care of all the cables and pipes. However, there’s another essential aspect of purchasing a new air conditioner, and that’s a professional installation.

Why Is Professional AC Installation Important?

Even if your customers choose the most modern air conditioner available that fits all of their unique requirements and more, they won’t be able to get the most out of it if they don’t take the time to find and hire the right professionals to perform the installation per best industry practices and manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines.

However, not all of your customers will be familiar with the importance of hiring experienced and knowledgeable technicians to properly install their air conditioners. This is where you come. Tell them why hiring experts to install their AC is just as important as choosing the best system they can afford:

Measuring and sizing

First, when your customer hires a team of professional air conditioning technicians, they’ll come to their commercial property to carefully and in great detail inspect it. This inspection entails comprehensive measuring of the allocated space for their AC, as well as the proper sizing of the unit that would be the best fit for their property and their requirements.

This initial step is crucial, as improperly sized units will either be insufficient or overly powered for a certain property, causing poor operations and system strain. Instead, when professionals correctly size the unit your customers can rest assured it’s an exact match.

AC Installation

Efficiency & Performance

Speaking of a match, the only way for your customers to receive maximum energy efficiency and optimal performance from their brand new air conditioner is through professional installation. When excerpts take care of this procedure, they pay attention to installing your customer’s AC per best industry practices and exact manufacturer’s specifications to ensure everything works just as it was intended to.

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Speed & Convenience

When your customers try to install their new air conditioner on their own, even with ample experience, it will definitely last longer than when you hire professionals to do it. Not only do they have the expertise and hundreds, if not thousands of AC system installations under their belts, but they also have the most advanced tools and equipment for the job, allowing them to make swift work of any type of air conditioner and property.

Warranty Requirements

In order for your customers to actually receive the warranty on their new air conditioner, an installation by professionals is often a direct requirement. If your customers choose to go it alone, chances are they can make a mistake during installation that will void their warranty.


Finally, only when professionals install the air conditioner in your customer’s homes or offices is the entire system completely safe to use. Making a mistake during installation can be extremely dangerous and place your customers in harm’s way.

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