Do You Know Why Printing and Converting Companies Prefer a Pallet Inverter?

Pallet inverters are devices made specially to spin pallets that are completely laden with a product on them. They have numerous different uses to fix tilting and transferring issues in the warehouse, in addition to being frequently used to remove and replace defective pallets that are placed at the bottom of a palletized shipment.

A palettenwender is a German word that in English is known as pallet turner or pallet inverter that can be used to rotate products so they will fit more compactly in a certain storage area or in order to stop the contents of a pallet from caking or settling over a period of time.


When moving products between the shipment and production zones, many pallet inverters move up to 180⁰ to make it simple to switch between wooden and plastic pallets.

The main functions of pallet inverters

Pallet inverters are stand-alone machines. They can also be incorporated into a logistic system with the help of conveying technology having roller conveyors or plastic belts.

They can also be given jogging and aerating units (with blowers and air nozzles) so they can perform other jobs like:

  • Quickening the drying process of any printed products
  • Aligning the sheets by using an aligning gauge
  • Removal of waste sheets with the help of an operator
  • Easy exchange of pallets by hand, which may include wooden pallets replacement with system pallets for any non-stop pallet process
  • Pile centring on the pallet when equipped with a centring device
  • Separating sticking sheets before the printing process.

Benefits of using pallet inverters in the packaging industry
Pallet Inverter

The packaging business, the printing sector, and the cardboard conversion industry are all expanding quickly, and they all anticipate better and quicker results. Pallet inverters have proven to be a practical investment because they can:

  • Speed up and can improve the printing quality and the finishing process
  • Handle various types of paper and board
  • Increase safety and productivity
  • Offer a solid and compact solution
  • Avoid mis-feeds by generating air cushion between the sheets

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Mobile and stationary pallet inverters

For the turning and transportation of paper pallets with a variety of weights and sizes, numerous companies offer a number of versions of mobile pile turners.

Prefer a Pallet Inverter

When a pallet of paper needs to be taken out of the printer and turned for the second side of printing, this kind of electrically powered, compact equipment comes in handy.

These devices can be fully automatic or manual, having wide bases on the legs to enable the picking up of pallets that are closed at the base.

It is possible to find stationary pallet inverters that may be fastened to the ground, installed quickly, integrated into any manufacturing department, and connected to offset printing devices, die-cutting devices, and coupling devices in order to streamline workflow. They function admirably and can handle unconventional formats.

In order to choose the most appropriate operating cycle for each type of pallet, a professional company like Toppy can provide both manual models with a push-button panel situated close to the pallet inverters and automatic variants with a PLC.

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