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Outdoor Camping Adventure and No Cooking Option – An Overview on The Topic

Camping is something that everyone loves to go on once every month. Some families make it a tradition in their house to go on a camping trip once every few months so that they get to know what is happening in everyone’s life.

When camping, everyone likes to sit and chat and spend time with their dear ones. No one likes it when they have to cook food, while others get to slack around the camping grounds. If you are also one of them then you can go with the idea of finding easy-to-cook recipes for your camping trip.

Breakfast Items

Some websites exclusively offer complete details about the food items that can be cooked, when camping. These recipes will not require more than 10 minutes for preparation. One such website is www.easycampfirerecipes.com. Easy Campfire Recipes can help you find many camp friendly cooking ideas. Visit the webpage to know more.

Here are some tips that can help you escape from cooking for a longer time during camping trips.

Breakfast Items

Milk and Granola

Breakfast food is a must in your routine when you are on a camping trip. The best way of staying energized in the morning is by choosing carbohydrates and protein-rich food items.

·      Bean Toast Bites

Take French bread and pair it with baked beans and serve it as your morning food. You can find canned baked beans to carry along on your camping trip.

·      Yogurt Parfaits

For a quick and healthy breakfast, you can layer your favorite yogurt with some fresh fruits, chia seeds, and some chopped nuts.

·      Egg Sandwich with Boiled Eggs

Boil eggs and layer them in between a few bread slices. You can even layer your sandwich with some cheese or ham or other such meat.

·      Milk and Granola

Milk and granola bars will surely make an excellent breakfast. The combination can surely keep you energized till your next food.

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lunch outdoor camping

After a morning of many activities, you and your dear ones will surely require a break from the activities and also some hours as rest to proceed further with the day’s plans.

·      Jelly or Honey Sandwiches with Peanut Butter

The famous PB&J can be upgraded into different kinds with the addition of some wonderful and tasty ingredients.

·      Tomato, Lettuce, and Bacon Sandwiches

For a delicious BLT, you can go with many ideas, including adding cold bacon as well.

·      Crackers Stack

Creamy peanut butter, paired with cheese and sliced salami will surely become an excellent and tasty stuffing for the crackers. This can serve as an excellent lunch option.

·      Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich and Chicken, Tuna or Egg Sandwich

These sandwich options will surely serve as a power-packed lunch for you.


Taco or Chicken Bowls

Here are some dinner options for you.

·      Taco or Chicken Bowls

Taco meat paired with canned beans, shredded cabbage or lettuce, cucumbers, chopped tomatoes paired with the right dressing choice will surely make a light and healthy dinner for you.

·      Six-Layered Salad

Add some ham with the regular sandwich options and enjoy a healthy dinner.

These are no-cook camping food ideas for you. If you love cooking, then you can find many options as well.

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