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For the consecutive year, Destin has been ranked as the top city for investing your money for a rental vacation home. This includes destinations related to beach and winter sports too. This year Destin has been ranked at 2nd place in the overall top markets while last year it was ranked at 95th.

As per the report, travelers are adding their leisure days, and also their business trips are continuing to rise and as a result, this urban city is becoming more and more popular. The report also found that urban markets in Destin are very quickly rising in terms of a very strong return on investment.

Real Estate Market


In the year 2021, the market of Destin Florida real estate has begun with a bang. No one has ever seen such extremes before. In the year 2020, buyers had shown some hesitancy, but this year they all are showing up in droves.

Various homes, as well as condos in Destin, are now remaining on the market an average of just 69 days before selling, which is 62% less time than what was seen in 2020!

Following are the hard data about Destin:

  • The average sale price rose by 43%.
  • The overall rise in sales by 100%
  • The increase of listings number by 40%
  • Active listings in the Destin and 30A market: 864
  • Under $1 million: 503.


Destin is located on the Florida Panhandle that is on the Mexico Gulf and is home to emerald green water, white sandy beaches, and is known to be “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”.

Destin is famous for the following:

  • Plentiful fishing
  • Mouth-watering seafood restaurants
  • Challenging golf courses
  • Incredible Gulf views.

Destin Florida will offer you many different activities like parasailing, aquariums, watersports, theme parks, dolphin cruises, and more.

Real Estate Market in Destin


Let us try to answer some of the frequently asked questions related to the real estate of Destin Florida.

  • Should I buy any condo or any single-family home?

If you love to sit on the balcony to watch the waves, then perhaps you will be happiest to own a beach condo. But if you want to exploit your rental income, then probably you must purchase a bigger house so that more people can sleep to earn more rental income.

  • What should be my budget?

You must discuss with a lender in Destin, who will be the best resource for advising you on the best financing options. You will know from them how much cash will be needed out of your pocket that can dictate your buying power to find the right price.

  • How much income is expected from my investment?

Experienced professionals available in the market who can give you an accurate view of how much income that you can generate from your property annually based on average rates of rental and occupancy rates for your size of rentals in that location where you will buy.

  • Should I manage it myself or hire a rental company?

A rental company will be a better option to go unless you have got plenty of spare time available on your hands. A rental company can handle all aspects of your investment property right from phone calls, reservations, maintenance, cleaning crews, and repair assistance, etc.

  • What are the best areas to buy in?

It will mostly depend on how much is your budget.

As a thumb rule what you can do is just go through the map starting from Destin up to Rosemary Beach. Starting with Destin to the further East you move, the prices will increase.

  • What happens if ever we are hit by a hurricane?

All condo associations will always include the entire natural disasters like flood, hurricane, and wind insurance within the HOA dues.

Therefore, it is compulsory to buy an insurance policy for a single-family home, and the right insurance policy will have your property fully covered, whether it is because of flooding or any high winds, etc.

Therefore, before you buy your property in Destin, try to get an estimate from several insurance companies or local agents so that you can compare premiums and also your coverage options.

Destin Real Estate Market


The following are the few reasons why you must extend your vacation and try to make Destin Florida your permanent address!

  1. The beaches

Destin has many breath-taking beaches and staying near the water is great for your health. Listening to the wave sound will naturally calm your mind, relax, and reduce anxiety.

  1. Working opportunity

Destin has a bouldering tourist economy, opportunities for professional jobs are also not lacking. You need not wait for retirement, as your job awaits you here at this beach!

  1. The luckiest fishing village in the world

Fishing here can suit all, as the harbor has quick access to the Gulf’s deeper depths. You can quickly catch fish to bring home in time and make it for dinner!

  1. Arts and culture

There is tremendous growth in the Arts and Culture community over here. From music festivals to art festivals, there is always something to look forward to.

  1. Outdoor activities

Besides the obvious water activities like surfing, boating, paddleboards, and jet skis, you can also take your exploration to some new heights with parasailing.

  1. Golf/tennis

The Destin area has 20+ golf courses with one most popular course being the Beach Resort and Sandestin Golf, which conveniently has a wonderful tennis program.

  1. Boating

All boat ramps are busy throughout the day, and all families can enjoy a sun-soaked afternoon to play with friends.

  1. Weather

Destin has the best climate to have fun in the sun, and also very mild winters. Living here, one can get the warmth and during the hot summer days, you will also get treated with little humidity!

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  1. Restaurants in Destin

Finding any great restaurant in Destin is never too difficult, rather you will have a very tough time deciding which restaurant to go to.

  1. Destin charity wine auction

The Destin Charity Wine Auction was founded in 2005, which is a must for all wine enthusiasts.

So, if you are still on the fence about your decision to relocate then you must know that in Destin, you can never get bored! There is so much to offer as Destin has got something for everyone.

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