Net Neutrality

Here’s How Net Neutrality Is Doing More Bad Than Good

For a long, there has been an amazing amount of time spent debating if or not net neutrality holds advantages. While many would want to believe that net neutrality brings along an indefinite amount of liberty when it comes to using the internet, you can’t keep your eyes tightly shut to the consequences and disadvantages. For anyone who is being bombarded with the term and still wonders what exactly the buzz is all about- internet neutrality means the equal treatment of all the internet traffic. Buckle up to know about the mind-boggling ways in which net neutrality is spoiling it for various stakeholders and doing more bad than good.

Net Neutrality

The concept is an outright injustice to various companies

Telecom companies thrive on what they get from charging people for communication. There are various websites that provide premium videos and shows. While companies, like Google, Facebook, etc. provide free calls and other services to users and make life easier for them, it is an apparent injustice to companies that have already built infrastructure and invested billions in what they do. Thus, net neutrality and aspiring broadcasters don’t go well together. And what seems like a perk that net neutrality brings for users is not much of a perk (as discussed in the coming point).

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a direct challenge to bandwidth availability

There is only limited bandwidth and with net neutrality, it would only become challenging to accommodate all of what’s there- causing an incredible stretch in bandwidth. If the ISPs don’t have enough bandwidth to deal with the stretch, the internet access would become significantly slow as a result of it. In the absence of net neutrality, prioritization would be possible over the internet; which would, in turn, be able to restrict certain activities on the internet for the right reasons.

Net Neutrality

Users would end up paying more

Being an end-user, if you feel like you are getting the most out of net neutrality, you are living in an illusion. With limited bandwidth, the ISP would definitely dodge the extra costs involved in making sure the bandwidth is not stretched to end-users. That way, you end up paying more for the internet services which totally kills the benefits that you’d been believing net neutrality brings to your table.

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality gives a green signal to illegal use of platforms

While net neutrality lifts any kind of restrictions, it also does so for pirated software and other content as well. Piracy is one of the biggest problems associated with the internet that we have been dealing with for quite some time. It directly puts the success and profit of many businesses, like software development companies to risk and loss. With so much going on against piracy, net neutrality becomes a bridge and promotes piracy and illegal access to content.

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Net Neutrality

This information might help people gain a clearer perspective of the downsides associated with net neutrality. There’s a lot that would be affected because of net neutrality. While the debate would be endless, nevertheless, the disadvantages of net neutrality can’t be overlooked or avoided.

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