Motorcycle Shipment – What to Know About the Idea?


Riding a motorcycle is the passion of many people. They love it when they get to go on long rides with their friends on their bikes. However, long rides can become a hectic one when it is for the shipment of the motorcycle from one location to another. This is when the help of a shipment service is like a boon.

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Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping

Here are some of the things to know before planning for an automobile shipment.

·      Find the Best Kind of Trailer for You

Closed trailers or enclosed trailers are the available options for shipping any automobile. You should choose the type of trailer that you wish to ship your motorcycle in, and also the available benefits of choosing any kind of trailer for you. When compared with the other option, open trailer shipment is a cheaper and ideal option for motorcycle shipment.

·      Keys are Important

The shipping service may not need the keys during the shipment, and hence you should carry the motorcycle keys with you. If required, then you can get the keys shipped to the destination.

·      Get Quotes

Many shipping services offer competitive quotes to attract their customers. Get quotes from different sources and compare them with one another. You can then find the shipping service that offers the cheapest quotes.

However, remember that every shipping service that offers cheaper quotes is not the best one.

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The quotes normally include, 

  1. Available discounts and promotion
  2. Precise delivery and pick-up location
  3. Insurance if any available
  4. The bike type and also the size of the bike
  5. The required date of delivery

Reach the Meeting Point

Meeting Point 

You will have scheduled a meeting point for the pickup of your motorcycle when you reach your new location. After you receive your motorcycle, you need to first make sure that there are no dents and damages after the delivery of your motorcycle. You need to check for the damages and claim the travel insurance, if necessary.

Additional Insurance


Most of the shipping services will offer travel insurance coverage. However, if you feel like you need extra security for your motorcycle, then you need to purchase additional insurance so that your bike is extra safe.

Preparation of the Motorcycle for Shipping

 Additional Insurance 

The preparation of the motorcycle for the shipping includes emptying the gas tank and disconnecting the batteries, everything else is packed and secured before you hand over the motorcycle to the shipping service.

Motorcycle shipment is the best way of sending your motorcycle to its new address as safe as possible. Find the best shipment service for your motorcycle shipment and get your bike as safely as possible.

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