Why Learning French Can Change Your Life?

There are almost 220 million people in the world who speak French, either as their first or second language. This is considered to be the second most learned language and also the 6th most widely spoken language.

Many studies have been made on how learning French as a 2nd language is going to do good to you, starting from developing your language skill set more and also improving your career opportunities and drawing cognitive advantages all the way like –

Learning French
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  • Better multitasking
  • Being smarter
  • Changes in perception
  • Memory improvement
  • Decision-making process

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Here are a few reasons why you must learn French to change your life.

1. French has the international language status

People from 5 continents speak French. It has the status of official language in 29 countries, including the following:

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Haiti
  • Luxembourg
  • Mali
  • Monaco
  • Niger
  • Senegal
  • Switzerland
  • Togo

Also, it is one of the six UN official languages. This is a language that has so much influence and is surely not in danger of disappearing soon, in the near future.

Learning French will enable you to access the world
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2. Learning French will enable you to access the world

Due to the past history of the French language and the exposure that France has on other cultures, and also the amount of influence so far it has had upon many other cultures, you can easily use French to connect better with the world as a whole.

3. French language is on the rise

French-speaking population among Africans are the fastest-growing now. Besides that, the birthrate in France suggests that by the year 2025, French-speaking people will surpass Germans, to turn into the most widely spoken language in Europe!

French will overtake many other world’s top languages worldwide in the next decades, including English.

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4. French is a favourite language among language learners

Among the most-learned language worldwide French comes next to English. This means there are a huge number of people and communities available who are French learners.

This would also mean that by learning French you can open the door to communicate with not only native French speakers, but also other people like you who have studied French.

5. Many job options are opening for French speakers

People have been learning Spanish so far, as compared to French in the USA for quite some time. However, now it seems French will soon overtake in most of the British schools as well.

It is very likely that many jobs in your area that were looking for Spanish speakers may soon look for French speakers, and when they find fewer qualified candidates, then there will be high demand for French-speaking candidates.

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Today about 220 million in the world are French-speaking. French learning can really change your life as it has now become an international language, it is on the rise and many job options are also coming up.

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