Improve Collagen Production for Shiny Hair with Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid

Collagen holds a human body together like glue. This makes 75 percent of your skin, 90% of tendons and ligaments, and 30 percent of your bones. Besides, this beauty protein also helps to grow hair and nails, strengthens joints and bones, and makes your skin firmer.

Shiny Hair

Silicium is the mineral that triggers collagen-producing cells and tissues. The deficiency of this mineral could lead to adverse effects on your body causing brittle hair, weak bones, joints, and nails. You may experience these signs with aging when gradually collagen diminishes at the early age of 21 by at least 1 percent in a year. By the age of 30, these signs are generally visible and even measurable.

Fibroblasts are cells present in connective tissues. The best way to trigger to produce an adequate amount of this protein is by using a natural compound named Cholin-Stabilized OrthoSilicic Acid, or simply ch-OSA. Silicium mineral is broken to form OrthoSilicic acid, a bioavailable form of it whereas Cholin is a biotin-like nutrient that helps in transportation of OrthoSilicic acid to all the cells.

You can buy Fortisil capsules online and use them as a food supplement to increase Silicium minerals in your diet, which is better than biotin for your health. These supplements contain Cholin-Stabilized Orthosilicic acid in the right amount, providing all the essential nutrients for your specific body needs. Two capsules a day for 4-5 weeks can give you long-lasting results such as shiny hair, healthy nails, and firmer younger-looking radiant skin.

Shiny Hair

Opting for Fortisil OSA” supplements as part of your self-care routine will be a good idea, as there are no considerable side effects of consuming them regularly. Even if you have any health issues or disorders, you could consult your doctor about adding these to your diet.

Scientists have proved that humans can produce and generate collagen protein by introducing Silicium supplements such as Fortisil OSA” to overcome aging signs. These supplements revive collagen-generating cells and are clinically proven that they make your hair strong and thick. They increase the elasticity of your skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. They increase the mineral density of your bones at the hips and form collagen for bone-cushioning.

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Benefits of Fortisil OSA

  • Gives stronger and thicker hair and decreases hair fall.
  • Helps hair growth by creating a protective layer on the hair shaft and reduces further breakage.
  • Adds shine to your hair by controlling frizzes, locking moisture, and allowing proper flow of blood to the follicles
  • Results will be seen within 2 months
  • Improves skin texture and provides healthy and stronger nails.
  • Works better for women suffering from osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Collagen consumption from fish and animal sources breaks them down in the digestive tract and becomes some other protein. Ch-OSA in Fortisil OSA” is not collagen. It activates the body cells to produce more collagen on its own. Silicium mineral in these supplements benefits the users effectively and shows consistent desired results.

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