How to Plan a Summer Marquee Wedding

Summer Marquee Wedding

Whether you are holding a wedding or party, or need a marquee for a festival booth, you can find a large range of sizes and types of shelters to suit your purposes. From small-framed designs to clear span structures, you can find just the right marquee for the event you are holding.

If you are planning a summer marquee wedding, then you have to factor in the style as well as the parking and generator when preparing to set up the tents. You cannot underestimate the amount of work involved in the set-up, since it is a much greater challenge than holding a hotel event. This is because everything for the celebration must be designed and managed from scratch.

Consider the Wedding and Reception Site

Summer Marquee Wedding

Therefore, the first thing you want to consider is the style of the reception. You can select from either frame or traditional marquees. You also need to review the site for the wedding and reception. For instance, traditional marquees cannot be set up in courtyards because of the guy ropes. So, if the festivities are being held in this type of venue, you need to review your options in frame marquees.

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What Types of Tables Will Be Used at the Reception?

Summer Marquee Wedding

In addition, think about the marquee configuration. Do you want doors or windows, or do you want the tent completely open on one side? In addition, you should think about the tables that will be used before you hire a marquee provider. Will you be using round tables, long, banquet-type tables, or tables with square designs? Also, do you have a feature in a garden you want to emphasize? The feature may be a pond, floral border, or a majestic tree.

Obtain Wedding Help


When preparing for a marquee wedding, you may want to requisition the services of a wedding planner to manage the marquee set-up or the wedding day. Venues have professionals that deal with certain planning problems. However, you will have no one to rely on if you plan a marquee wedding by yourself. So, use a wedding planner to decorate the marquees, accept deliveries, or manage the wedding day itself. That way, you will feel less overwhelmed.

Consider the Parking


You also need to consider the parking for the attendees and your back-of-house suppliers. If parking is located in an adjacent field, then you need to offer a solid walking path for your guests. After all, you do not want your wedding guests trying to walk over a sodden field in a downpour.

You also need to have the proper signage posted so people know where to park. The signs can also assist them in finding their vehicle after the event. If you cannot use a field for parking, you can always direct guests to parking at a nearby hotel. Arrange for shuttle transportation to and from the ceremony or reception.

Check the Capacity for a Generator and the Required Power

Also, do not forget to include mobile toilets and a generator. Check the capacity for the generator and the required power. Schedule the cabling before hiring the marquees.