How To Have A Safe Trip On An ORV Vehicle?

ATV or UTV vehicles are much fun, whether you are doing it for enjoyment or a high-demanding job. In any case, safety should be your first preference. Before you plan to drive this ORV (off-road vehicle), it would be better you undertake a UTV/ATV safety training. This includes making sure that your ORV is in good working condition and taking enough safety precautions.

There are two types of vehicles one of which is a four-wheeler or a side-by-side (SXS). For example, you can do a Quad bike hire in Tenerife. This is one of the best rides off the roads and for a dusty adventure too. Let us get some clear ideas about the fundamentals to operate these vehicles responsibly.

Quad biking


The first thing that you need to do is to take a reputable training course. This includes anything like an online course or a classroom one with good supervision. Apart from this, there are many other things that you need to know before you ride on.

Size of ATV/UTV:

You must choose the right size of a vehicle. This information is written in the manual. Especially when it comes to ATV, you have to be sure that you can manage and control the vehicle safely and effectively.

The minimum age recommendation is a minimum of 16-year-old. This means he needs to have a valid driver’s license. So a passenger needs to be tall enough to keep his back flat on the seat and to keep his foot flat on the floor.

Tenerife quad


Protective gears:

Most of all the users of ATV/ UTV need to wear helmets to protect their heads. It needs to fit your head properly and should meet the safety standards of the U.S Department of Transportation and/or SNELL. The best ones are the full-face helmets such as that of Motorcycle styles. You can also wear those face shields and goggles.

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Before you start your ride, you need to assess your vehicle well before you set out. It is very important to do a proper inspection to understand if there is any damage within the vehicle components if any low in fluids or some other issues that can get in your way. Also, inspect the tire pressure or for punctures.

Controls and Parts

Understand the basic operations of your ATV or UTV. Do not assume that you might know all the functions well, just because you have been experienced another vehicle. Every vehicle has its functions which might differ in some ways.

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Riding Techniques

You must put in hours for practicing. Practice in a place that is obstacle-free or in an area that is leveled up properly. There are many beginners tip which needs to be followed but before you get into the advanced stage, focus more on the fundamentals. Safety needs to be taken very seriously.

Sitting position

Proper seating is very important when it comes to ATV/UTV. Please be seated comfortably so that you can reach out to the controls without stretching yourself much.

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