Home Can Help You In Weight Loss?

How Simple Things In Your Home Can Help You In Weight Loss?

People who are willing to lose weight apply several things like they download health applications on their mobile phone. They exercise and eat the right diet. No doubt these things are important in achieving weight loss goals, but there are some simple things that also play a role. When you sum up small things, you will realize at the end of the month that you have lost a considerable amount of weight without much effort. You can also take online consultation to design object-oriented strategies to achieve fast results.

Recently there was an article published in a health journal that revealed that color can relax you and control your cravings. Baker Miller United States researched the effects of color in prison cells and found positive results. The research was also conducted in correctional facilities like psychiatric hospitals and universities which also confirmed the positiveness. But recently there was a survey which could not establish the same facts. A lot of people ask me about the benefits of changing their living room and bedroom color to control their appetite. Colour change may bring placebo effects, but at this point in time, there are no confirmatory results available. However, there are some simple homely things which you can do for the same.

Home Can Help You In Weight Loss
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Change Your Plates

Experts advise in spite of changing the color of your walls, you can select your dinnerware collection in a darker hue. Recently a research was conducted at Cornell University revealed that people who were using a white plate served 30% more food for themselves. This was in comparison with those diners who were using high contrast plates. So next time when you eat a high-calorie diet, prefer to use a darker plate.

Move the TV Out of Dinning Room

While eating food if you watch TV, you eat more food. This was found in a British study which caused participants to eat more food while eating in front of the TV.

Have A Mirror Near Your Dining Table

Many people find it surprising that how can a mirror will help you to eat less. Your kitchen is not a traditional place for a mirror, but you have to use it in your dining room or wherever your dining table is placed. Last year a study has revealed that people who were seeing themselves in the mirror didn’t enjoy their treats.


There are surprising facts like the taste of the chocolate cake was affected, whereas the taste of salad was not. A professor at the University of Florida revealed that the mirror increases your self-awareness and that is the reason why you find unhealthy food items less tasty. Your craving to eat more food also drops significantly. This research was published in the journal the Association of consumer research. In the same way, when you consume a sugar-laden snack or sugary drink, your mirror will remind you that this is not the best choice for your body. Naturally, you will opt for a healthy treat next time. Many websites provide online consultation for consuming health supplements to lose weight and design a result-oriented weight loss strategy.

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