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Which are The Best Honda Motorbikes?

Honda has become an industrial giant in the automotive industry. While it has ventured into the production of aircraft, robots and vehicles, motorcycles remain their flagship product. This company is known to produce the best bikes and reliable Honda parts since its inception in 1946. The motorcycles are famous for their sturdiness, resilience and ability to change to the latest technology, which improves performance. Next is a look at the best motorcycle models produced by Honda.

Honda CBR 600F

This bike shows Honda’s uncanny ability to make an all-around motorcycle that outperformed specialised machines from competitor companies. It explains why it has won numerous Supersport titles on international and national platforms. The motorcycle features a sleek construction with clean, attractive lines. However, with an engine that delivers 100 bhp instead of 120 bhp, it might be appealing to amateurs. The brakes are also gentler and the riding position compromises between comfort and a lean forward position. CB 600F also features an improved security system using the combined ABS. It is designed to apportion front-to-rear braking automatically and prevents wheel lock-up to allow the rider to grab the brakes however he wants during an emergency. Its engine is phenomenal mostly because of its exceptional smoothness and occasional vibration patches.

Honda CBR 600F

The NR750

This revolutionary model features the most innovative design the manufacturer ever produced at the time. To begin with, it was released when motorcycles were still a relatively new concept, and carbon fibre construction was associated with racers. Secondly, the NR was among the first motorcycles to use fox-eye headlights, which was out of the norm (round or rectangular headlights). For years, manufacturers were required to install rectangular lights, but technological improvements allowed slimmer and innovative designs. Another feature that made this motorcycle stand out was the use of Honda parts like the under-seat pipes. The manufacturer had reworked the tail design to incorporate the under-seat exhaust, which was rather far-fetched compared to competitor motorcycles at the time.

The NR750 - Honda Motorbikes

Honda CB1100 RS

Honda’s reinvention of its classic collection began in 2008, and this included the CB1100 RS. The traditional version used an air-cooled engine that only revved 80 BPH, which was considered too smooth and soft. Additional details included a small 14.5-litre tank, which was not impressive to most racers. The updated version came racer-inspired and designed to address the ‘soft’ concerns of the original ride. Honda enhanced its character using a revised valve-timing to produce a better delivery. The 1140 cc air-cooled in-line engine now has a revised exhaust system and inlet. What’s more, Honda installed a lower, more compact riding position, which moves the rider’s weight forward for an improved riding experience. The wheels are also performance-oriented as they are made of 17-inch cast alloy, which is firmer and stiffer.

Honda CB1100 RS

The Super Cub

This motorcycle has been in production since 1958, and there are more than 100 million units in existence. The Super Cub is also credited with the launch of Honda’s marketing campaign ‘You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda.’ To hit the 100 million sales mark, Honda had revamped its design and technical features. However, the engine updates were rather few as the manufacturer included a tougher, low-friction cylinder and piston.

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