What Is The Way To Expunge Your Criminal Record?

The criminal record refers to the number of individuals who have been arrested and the convictions that have been maintained by the criminal redressal machinery. According to some estimates, there are more than 70 million Americans that is one in every three major who has a record of criminal conduct. Besides that, the data becomes worrisome when you see the obvious implications.


Every one in two kids (30 million children in the USA) has at least one parent who has a criminal record. The worrying aspect of this is that not only the police and prosecutors have the access to this data, but even the public at large including landlords and employers can easily access this data or the criminal record of some person.

This data includes even those arrests which did not beget any conviction and those arrests also which were minor or happened many years ago. Thus, regardless of whether you are innocent or you have changed, these records will haunt you and their looming spectre will continue to manifest itself in your present.

If you were not convicted for the arrest then the first thing that you should do is to get your criminal record expunged. If you do not know how to expunge your criminal record then you are in the right place. This article will deal with the topic in detail. GBA firm is driven by the passion to get their clients the justice that they deserve.

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Expungement of criminal record


An expungement order refers to the sealing of a past criminal record from the public domain. It is like using a whitener over a mistake that you made. Almost all of the states in America have specific laws related to expungement orders. Even though there may be certain variations in the laws enacted by different states, the foundation remains the same.

However, not all criminal records are liable to be expunged. This eligibility of the expungement differs from state to state. Violent offences against humanity, sexual offences, fraud and bravery are some of the offences which are not likely to get an expungement order. The person applying for an expungement order is eligible only after he has cleared his punishment and probation.

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He may further be required to pay an expungement fee. In addition to that, there are some states which have provided for a cooling period in some offences which means that even after the completion of the term and the probation of that offence, for a certain time no order for expungement will hold well in law.



Remember, justice is not a privilege but a right. If your offence was trivial and you have served the sentence, then you deserve to get an expungement order and it is your right to start de novo. One bad chapter cannot define and govern your life.

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