The Right Way to Prepare Heavy Equipment to Guarantee Safe Shipping

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Moving heavy equipment from one place to another involves a lot of preparation and planning. The transport company you choose would have certain requirements to transport heavy equipment. It is important to take note of the legal and other requirements involved. Do ample research on the company to make sure things progress smoothly.

What’s involved in shipping heavy equipment?

  • Narrowing down trustworthy auto transport companies
  • Negotiating the price
  • Arranging permits for the transport
  • Arranging permits with different cities your vehicle would be passing through
  • Ensuring that your vehicle meets the load specification

Make your job easier by hiring the services of an experienced large-scale automobile travel company broker. If you are looking for a reliable professional heavy haul shipping company, contact Ship a Car, Inc. They are leading brokers in the US and will assist to find the best transport company for your needs. They have an A+ rating with 8 years of experience.

They’ll assess your load’s specifications and make sure there is no room for costly errors. The last thing you’d want is to have the pick-up trailer arrive at your location only to later realize that their trailer doesn’t accommodate your machine. You’d have to prepare the vehicle for shipment.

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Preparing the vehicle for shipment:

Heavy equipment requires extra preparation than other vehicles. There are precautions followed to make sure the vehicle is safely transported to the destination. Different states and transport companies have different rules. The basic preparation list for shipping heavy-duty large equipment is as follows:

Reduce the size of shipment

The cost of transport increases with the size of equipment since large equipment occupies more space and need extra care while shipping. Try to reduce the size of the equipment as much as possible.

  • Dismantle the parts
  • Remove additional attachments that make the equipment oversized
  • Remove the boom/ bucket to reduce the height. There is a specific equipment height/ length limit fixed for heavy equipment

Secure the equipment:

The ride is expected to be bumpy and if you fail to prepare/ pack your equipment in a safe way, there are more chances of damage. Gather details of how the company wants you to prepare the equipment.

  • Wrap the breakable parts in a way that they don’t move during transport
  • Wrap protruding parts. If possible, dismantle and wrap them.
  • Check if all nuts and knobs are loose. You don’t want them coming loose during transport.
  • Remove batteries, if any to avoid leakage
  • Secure the doors thoroughly using zip ties so that they don’t open due to wind pressure
  • Grease movable parts
  • Even if the trailer used to transport the vehicle is enclosed, it is recommended to cover the machinery to
  • provide added protection against rain.

vehicle is packed securely

You should do your part in making sure your vehicle is packed securely in order to avoid damages during transport. Hire the services of an experienced transport company for your own peace of mind and safe delivery of the equipment.

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