Ensuring Your Property is in Safe Hands

Your Property is in Safe Hands290815

Your valuable rental property needs to be in the hands of professional management to deal with a long list of potential issues. Often owners place a priority on the safety of steady cash flow, but as a property owner in the Perth area, you need to understand that there are risks beyond an interruption of cash flow. There are safety risks to those who live within and may visit the property as well. In the event the property is empty, there are other safety concerns to the property and potentially the management team.

Your property insurance should be always well aligned and up to date. You must have an experienced property management team to not only manage steady cash flow but be vigilant for any risks to your property. Contact the property management services Perth and property management South Perth to get a detailed understanding of how your property can be safely managed.

Your Property is in Safe Hands

Property Safety Management

You want a safe living environment for your valued Perth area tenants. A qualified property management professional will ensure your tenants are safe and you are fully compliant with local laws and ordinances in Perth and South Perth. An experienced property management team will conduct regular inspections to ensure any maintenance issues are resolved before the risk of bigger problems develop.

Maintenance issues can involve everyday concerns to include Electrical, plumbing, and heating are in proper operating order. Plumbing issues that can flood areas of the property can lead to costly cleanup. The risk of an electrical sourced fire may be very low, but the impact could be devastating. Regular inspections and general awareness of these risks are essential services that keep your property safe.

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Health and Safety Concerns

A qualified management professional will be equipped with a safety checklist that the smoke alarm systems are in good working order. Water heaters need annual inspections to ensure the proper working order and avoid the expensive risks of repairs or accidents. A regular structural inspection is essential to ensure long-term safety and minimize expensive repairs.

Early warning signs in this category include roof inspection for loose tiles or any indication of leaking water. Leaks can lead to costly repairs and the potential for mold is a serious health concern for your tenants.

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Safety checks for the risk of criminal intrusion are important as well. Doors and windows should be inspected and necessary repairs completed promptly. Exterior lighting should always provide the necessary illumination to deter criminal activity.

Documentation is Essential

Compliance with local laws and ordinances in Perth and South Perth means good record keeping. In addition to monitoring the many safety concerns, a qualified team understands the importance of also maintaining the safety record. Inspection dates, pictures along with maintenance, and repair documents are the safety book of record that must be maintained.

You will know your property is in the hands of the best when safety risks are mitigated early and the maintenance record is well documented.

Your Property is in Safe Hands..

The experienced property management services and the qualified property management professional in Perth and South Perth can deliver the safe property solutions you need.


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