Enjoy Your Favorite Bloody Mary Cocktail with a Twist

Bloody Mary is one of the most classic and traditional American Cocktails. The history of this cocktail is more complex than any murder mystery. Many mixologists believe that this cocktail was created by Ferdinand Petiot working at New York Bar in Paris. Later, it became very popular in the US, when Petiot migrated to New York City. It is then he began to serve this cocktail at Regis Hotel.

bloody mary

There are many others who believe that this cocktail was created by George Jessel. He was a stage comedian as well as a vaudeville legend. Although the drink is quite popular among people around the world, the facts about it aren’t very clear. There are many controversial stories about the origin of this drink, and one can only believe it as per their perspective.


The basic bloody Mary drink is made of vodka, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, salt, pepper, and a dash of Tabasco sauce, celery for garnish, and lemon juice. Many bartenders have reinvented the cocktail with new ingredients and some of the delicious variations are mentioned below:


The Return of the King Bloody Mary


It is a fanciful variation of the Bloody Mary, wherein vodka is replaced with tequila. It has complex and intense flavors. If you don’t want to make the tomato juice, then you can use a readymade bloody Mary cocktail available in the market.

Return of the King Bloody Mary

Top Tomato Mix is one of the most popular Bloody Mary mix introduced by Circle Branch Pork.

You will love their unique combination of flavorings, spices, and herbs. It is an award-winning bloody Mary cocktail mix and is second to none. It offers everything that one expects from this cocktail. You could visit their website, https://www.circlebranchpork.com/product/top-tomato-bloody-mary-mix-duo-kit, to place an order today.


The Two Day Bloody Mary


This version of Bloody Mary takes two days of preparation. First, 2 finely chopped ripe tomatoes are sealed in a sous vide bag along with chilies and vodka and placed in hot water for 3 hours. Later, this mixture is strained a number of times using cheesecloth and then kept in the cooler overnight. This process will give you a robust tomato flavor. It is garnished with pickled okra and bacon.


Malbec Infused Bloody Mary


This preparation includes six tomatoes, chili pepper, and red pepper. These are charred black and put in a bowl with a little bit of salt, sugar as well as Casa de Uco Malbec wine. This mixture is blended with fresh orange juice and chilled for many hours. To make this version of Bloody Mary, mix vodka, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and lemon juice in a glass along with the Malbec Infused tomato juice. Top it up with ice and garnish it with some sliced cucumber.


Tequila Mary


In this cocktail, as the name suggests, tequila is used instead of vodka. It includes Ginger Tequila and Spider Monkey Serrano, Worcestershire sauce, a homemade Bloody Mary mix, fresh horseradish, and a rim seasoning. It can be served with olives, jack cheese, pepperoni, celery, and shrimp.


To wrap it up, if you have the right Bloody Mary mix, you can enjoy your favorite cocktail at any time you like. And if you are no expert, it is best to buy the cocktail mix and relish your drink.



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