Why does E Singapore Math win Over Printed Math Textbooks?

Printed Math Textbook

E Singapore Math holds technological features, which are not available in printed Singapore Math Textbooks. Textbooks have their limitations. Today, with an increase in using hand-held devices majority of students, parents, and educators have switched from textbook learning to virtual training.

E Singapore Math is an online class that offers a well-developed curriculum including problem-solving sets and video tutorials. In this articlelet’s gain insights into how virtual math is better than printed textbooks.

Good reasons why E-Singapore Math wins

Consistent instruction

Singapore math curriculum is based majorly on its quality. Virtual Singapore math curriculum is high quality for every topic. The online lessons are based on the CPA approach [Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract] that helps children to develop theoretical understanding, which is consistent at each grade level.

Navigate with ease

Navigate with ease

Finding each math topic, unit, and concept is made easy for students and teachers. The online platform offers students to understand the content, practice, and review. Kids can learn on their own because navigate, and search is easy.

Cost savings

The cost of printed math textbooks is soaring, which puts a financial burden on students’ overall education budget. On the other hand, virtual programs are less costly. Homeschooling needs for more than two children are eligible for discounts. Thus, the program is easily accessible and affordable for every student.


tablet, laptop, or smartphon

Unlike learning from printed math textbooks, the virtual program allows pupils to learn from anywhere and anytime. There is no need to wake early and commute through heavy traffic but study from their home comfortably. Study at home or on the road or in a library or at the park. They just need reliable Wi-Fi and a tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

For more practice

Practice and repetition are essential to master math. Virtual math allows students to practice 24/7 and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Amusing & motivational

Virtual math is more fun than textbooks. Instructional videos are amusing and increase the kid’s focus, creativity, engagement, and motivation.

Learn fast

Learn fast

According to research, technology-based instructions lessen the time students take to learn objectives by 80%. Technology allows the students to study at their pace as well as to attain success further than their grade level.

Help kids stay organized

All tests and exercises are auto-graded. It helps students stay systemized and there is no need to monitor several assignments on paper.

Less pressure

Many children are unable to grasp math quickly, so in a classroom environment, they don’t handle the stress well. With e Singapore math, such kids can learn from friendly instructional tutorials in an environment that is not competitive.

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Reduce waste

Reduce waste

If the need for workbooks, textbooks, paper assignments, and handouts are eliminated then the massive paper consumption can be eliminated. It is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to gain an education.

Better job opportunities

The use of technology is skyrocketing and a majority of high-paying and in-demand jobs in the US are technology-based. Virtual Singapore math prepares pupils to connect with technology right from school. The earlier they start using technology the more proficient they become. Thus, they can enjoy great job opportunities in the future!

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