bizarre things about buffets

Did you know these bizarre things about buffets?

for a good number of people, it is obvious that you will feel anxiety and confusion when it comes to ordering the dishes and paying for them later. More often than not, the host gets so entangled in the petty issues of ordering the right thing for everyone that they do not enjoy their own events.

Buffet posed a delightful solution to these problems and it was no wonder then that it became so popular for big events like birthday parties, anniversaries, or weddings, etc. Along with events, buffet food service is extremely popular in the hotel industry. From the all-you-can-eat to the cafeteria-style to a simple salad bar, everyone loves the quick service and range of choices that a buffer provides. But even though we love buffets, there is not a lot that we know about them.

So, here are some bizarre facts about buffets that are probably worth knowing:

bizarre things about buffets


Popularized in the eighteenth century, the buffet system spread like wildfire throughout Europe. The way it got its name is very interesting. The word ‘buffet’ simply referred to a piece of furniture, initially, which was also called a sideboard. This sideboard held the food, but eventually expanded to include more food.


bizarre things about buffets

It was the pragmatism of this system that contributed to its growing popularity, even amongst the wealthy who had a houseful of servants. Nowadays, all Bangalore hotels or hotels in any part of the country exercise this system for their complimentary meals and for organizing big events. This is because by serving food buffet-style, one can entertain a large number of guests with the assistance of limited staff, thus saving on resources.

Trick psychology

bizarre things about buffets

The trick psychology involved with the buffet system is that, for example, in a Chinese buffet, white rice, fried rice, and noodles are often served first. This is because a large scoop of one of these can go a long way when it comes to filling you up, thus costing the restaurant less money in the long run. The same goes for buffets from other cuisines, like fries and mashed potatoes. Some buffets even have bigger spoons for food items like these! In fact, even the best buffet dinner in Bangalore has small-sized plates which limit the amount of food you can pile on your plate in one go.

Predictable Menu

bizarre things about buffets

A buffet system is known to plate things, which are very popular amongst the masses. Do not expect anything experimental in a buffet as it can lead to food wastage and confusion amongst the people. The hotel management often prefers to arrange simple and popular dishes to avoid a lack of enthusiasm as well. Additionally, serving popular dishes reduces the workload in the kitchen and it is more efficient and easier to manage the kitchen and staff services at the time of serving and cooking. Hence, it is no wonder that when you attend weddings or other events, the dishes in the buffet are similar variations to a set menu and pattern. The names may change, but the preparations and their combinations stay more or less the same.

Next time you go for a buffet system, check out these little facts and see the confirmation yourself.

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