Hate Your Tattoo

How To Cope When You Hate Your Tattoo

Not every session under the needle is a positive experience. For some unlucky souls, they peel off the sticky wrap and find a mess underneath. Sometimes the artist goes off track and creates something that doesn’t quite look like what you wanted. It may be that the design didn’t look as great in the placement you chose as you expected it would. Or, if you’re truly unfortunate, you may have been dumped by the person who’s name is now tattooed across your chest. If any of these sad moments have happened to you, use these must-know coping strategies.

Get rid of it.

The best and most permanent strategy to deal with ink that you truly regret is to get rid of it once and for all. You may have been fed the lie that this mistake is permanent and there’s nothing you can do about it except to hide away with your shame. This isn’t true. If you’re wondering, does tattoo removal work though, rest assured, it genuinely does. That mistake could be zapped away in just a few sessions and your skin will be free from your poor judgment for the rest of your life.


Consider a cover-up.

A talented artist can often rework small or moderately sized tattoos. They should be able to transform the regrettable piece into something you really like, or at least cover it up with something better. Ask around for referrals to tattoo artists who have a particular skill for cover-up pieces, and speak to friends who have dealt with a similar issue. Make sure you read the artist’s reviews to make sure you don’t get yourself into another position of regret before you sit down for a new session.

Hide it away.

If you’re not ready to face another needle right now and just want to ignore this bad tattoo, for the time being, you may be able to get away with simply hiding it away with conveniently placed clothing until the time comes to make a change. This strategy only really works if your tattoo placement is somewhere easy to hide. Invest in some cute scarves if you erred in the direction of your neck, and cover-up wrist pieces you don’t love with chunky bracelets or a nice watch. If nobody can see it, you can pretend it never really happened.

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Use specialist concealer products.

Cope When You Hate Your Tattoo

Ever noticed how celebrities seem to be able to conveniently cover up their terrible tattoos whenever they hit a fancy red carpet event? That’s because they have access to talented makeup artists and really good quality concealers. You can buy some of these clever concealers online, and with a few layers of application in a shade that’s exactly matched to your skin; you should be able to conceal your tattoo in a fairly convincing manner. This is especially handy if your tattoo is in a visible area that you can’t hide with clothes or jewelry.

Learn to love it.

Sometimes, a tattoo has a way of growing on you. It may become a charming, nostalgic reminder of your younger years. Give it a chance and wait to see if you feel better about it in a couple of years’ time.

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