Clearing Some Misconceptions Regarding Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

The vehicle wraps and graphics have become quite popular in recent years. Both large and small business organizations are using these graphics and wraps for brand recognition. While there certainly are some amazing benefits associated with the idea of using vehicle graphics, there are certain misconceptions and myths that you need to be aware of. Here is more about it.

Vehicle graphics and wraps last longer than paint

That is not true. So many factors go into determining how long a vehicle graphic or wrap will last. Some of these factors include the quality of materials, skill of the application, UV protection, and body surface features. Any change in these factors can improve or reduce the quality and appearance of vehicle wraps and graphics. These factors can also have an impact on the adhesion of the vinyl wraps. Trailers and vehicles that make use of rivets are quite hard to properly stick but a professional installer can get good results here. However, it is important to keep in mind that even a perfectly installed vehicle graphic wrap can experience adhesion changes in the area around rivets.

Vehicle graphics and wraps last longer than paint

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The paint does not fade when you wax your vehicle with silicone-based wax along with vehicle graphics stickers

Again, that is a myth. It is true that silicone-based wax with UV protection offers added protection to your vehicle paint and helps it last longer, but there is a limit to how much heat it can withstand. The truth is if you leave your vehicle graphic stickers on for a while and expose your vehicle to sunlight, you will notice a difference in the surfaces when you eventually remove the sticker. Therefore, you have to keep this in mind when going for vehicle graphics and wraps.

graphics and wraps for brand recognition.

Wild graphics designs are more impressive

It may not be true in all cases. Yes, it all comes down to your personal preferences, but when it comes to graphics, keeping it simple is the best way to go. A well-balanced design will always ensure eye-catching graphics will work better. It also depends on the skills of the installer and designer. Keeping everything legible matters a lot and that is why wild graphic designs may not always prove better than simple graphics.

silicone-based wax with UV protection

Anyone can help you get rid of vehicle graphics

No, that is not the case. You will get better results from professionally installed vehicle graphics, and when you go a professional’s way, you only need a professional to have it removed properly. A professional installer will cover plastic and metal along with trim work. It means that the graphics need to be removed meticulously or you will end up damaging the moldings on your vehicle. Similarly, there will be glue residue asking for serious attention. Only a professional installer can help remove a vehicle graphic without damaging the paint surfaces.

The fact of the matter is that vehicle graphics and wraps have their benefits, but you should educate yourself about the myths to know exactly what to expect.

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