How to Choose the Right Type of Commercial Wallpaper for Your Business?

Commercial wallpaper is available in a wide range of styles, designs, and materials to decorate your commercial space for aesthetically pleasing visuals.

What is a Commercial Wallpaper?

Commercial wallpaper is the large sheets of vinyl coated with some premium fabric, which is distinctively made for commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, corporate offices, large corridors, and conference rooms. It is made much wider and thicker than residential wallpaper because of its large installation area and high durability requirements.

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There are three different grades of commercial wallpaper, differentiable based on the degree of its toughness. Some of the most vital features and versatility of trade wallpaper make it the right choice to create a unique interior for ships or cruises.

Here are the three types of commercial wallpaper.

1.      Type I

This type of commercial wallpaper is most light-weighted and cheapest, but the least durable one. Hence, it is most fragile and susceptible to wear and tear. It is suitable for small businesses which have a limited budget to spend on advertisement, décor, and maintenance. It can also be ideal for businesses that welcome less traffic to bring less wear and tear. Some places that have small areas like waiting rooms and small corridors can also be a good choice for Type I wallpaper.

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2.      Type II

Most mid-sized businesses choose to install Type II wallpaper. It is heavier, more expensive, and more durable as compared to Type I wallpaper. If your business attracts enough traffic and is worth installing expensive wallpaper, Type II is a better option. Commercial wallpapers are not the thing to be replaced frequently. Hence, most businesses prefer installing Type II over Type I wallpaper.

3.      Type III

It is the strongest, most durable, and more expensive than other types of wallpapers. Places with the highest level of traffic that causes heavy wear and tear use Type III wallpaper as it does not get damaged easily. Most businesses like daycare, child care, healthcare facilities, and large banks.

What are the things to consider while choosing your commercial wallpaper?

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Commercial wallpaper is widely available in different designs, styles, patterns, prints, colors, themes, or custom designs to choose from. If your business has a tight budget issue, then you can read about some of the most important features to consider while choosing the right wallpaper for your different commercial spaces.

1.      Traffic and Durability

These are the most significant features to consider while selecting different types of commercial wallpaper. They both are co-related. An area with less traffic like hallways or waiting halls will require less durable wallpaper than a high-trafficked childcare space. The more traffic you have in an area, the more durable wallpaper you will need to install.

2.      Sustainability

If you want durable and sustainable wallpaper to withstand harsh climatic conditions like exposure to sunlight or other elements, you may need to strictly install Type II and Type III wallpaper. The more the exposure time and harsher the weather, the more is sustainability required from your wallpaper.

3.      Appearance

While choosing your wallpaper, you must consider your interior décor, business type, and suitable theme to select the right wallpaper for an impressive, aesthetic, and artistic appeal to your existing clients or some new visitors.

There are other features like fire ratings, maintenance, and energy efficiency of wallpaper to consider while choosing your commercial wallpaper.

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