What Questions You Should Ask Your China Sourcing Agent Before Hiring One

China Sourcing Agent Before Hiring One

A sourcing agent will be a third party that will help you find and suggest you the right supplier for your business. Particularly, if you are looking for any China product sourcing agent then he must be able to speak both Mandarin language and English very clearly.

China has emerged to be the largest producing country in the world at very low prices and has developed a huge production capacity. Therefore, if you are looking for any product, then there is a very good chance that you can find a suitable manufacturer available in China.

However, communication with China remains one of the biggest issues because of the language and communication problems. Therefore, while considering China product sourcing the first thing that you need to do is search for a suitable trustworthy agent who can speak both English and the local language of that country.

Agent Before Hiring One

Besides that, your agent for product sourcing in China must be well aware of the Chinese market and have enough technical expertise to understand the complexities of the product that you want to buy from China. Therefore, before you hire an agent for China sourcing, you must ask the following important questions to satisfy yourself.

1.     Are you an individual or a company?

Generally, it is more preferable to deal with a company rather than an individual, if the product that you want to source is professional and you like to have a long-term association.

2.     Do you have a proper export license?

proper export license

You must verify if your prospective agent has got a proper export license to do business. You must also demand to show a copy.

3.     Since when you are in this business?

Always go for an agent who has got sufficient experience in this field and also has a client in your country too.

4.     What is your qualification and exposure to the product that we are interested to procure from China?

If you are dealing with a professional product then it is very essential that your agent has the technical qualification to understand all aspects of the product.

5.     Do you have any reference and share with us?

reference and share with us

A good agent will readily share references, however, if he fails or hesitates to offer any reference then do not consider such agents.

6.     How far you are from the product manufacturer?

Prefer to choose an agent who is very close to the manufacturing plant.

7.     How do you ensure that your team does not receive kickbacks?

If your agent receives a kickback then he will not protect your interest and hence you must know what measure they take for this issue.

8.     How will you ensure the quality of the product?

ensure the quality of the product?

Prefer an agent, who has got a set up to ensure the quality of the product and is ready to be responsible for noncompliance.

If you get a satisfactory answer to all the above questions, then only you must proceed further to enter into any contract with the agent for product sourcing china. You must ask these questions to several agents to choose one with whom you feel more comfortable.

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