Comparison Between Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul of Air conditioner

Chemical Wash

If you want to keep your aircon in tip-top condition, then you must make sure that it is regularly kept well maintained. You must clean its filters, fins, and coils regularly to get good service from your air conditioner. If your aircon remains in efficient working condition then it will consume less energy and have a longer life span.

People used to do only a normal wash of their aircon just like we wash our cars, however, with this type of cleaning, it was not enough. Hence, a new type of cleaning was born, which is known as the chemical overhaul. a Singapore-based company offers both these services at very cheap aircon chemical wash prices to their clients, who are in this business for the last 18 years. Now let us try to understand the difference between both normal chemical washing of your aircon and chemical overhauling in this post.



So far as chemical cleaning is concerned, it is different from any general service that is offered by professionals. Here, they will not just clean the exterior part of the aircon but also dismantle all parts of the aircon unit such as water trays, fan coils, etc. and then wash them by using certain chemicals especially meant for cleaning.

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In this way, the entire dust and dirt that was accumulated on all the internal parts will get cleaned and can improve the aircon system’s cooling efficiency. Ideally, this type of chemical wash must be done at least 2 times a year. This is a part of the preventive maintenance of your aircon.


The following are the benefits of doing a chemical wash of aircon:

  1. All the internal parts of the aircon such as the coils, water trays, and also air filters will be thoroughly cleaned and no trace of dust particles will remain.
  2. Often molds and other harmful bacteria gets developed within the aircon will get removed.
  3.  With a regular chemical wash, the chances of any mold growth will reduce.
  4. Your aircon will work efficiently and as a result, your energy bill will reduce.



If you ever notice that your air conditioner is not cooling enough, it is making too much noise, water leaking is happening, or it has completely stopped working, then it will be necessary to consider an overhaul of your aircon.

In this method, each of its internal parts is opened, repaired/replaced if necessary and the HVAC professional will do a complete overhauling of your aircon unit. So, whenever you face any serious issue with your aircon unit, then you must call an experienced HVAC professional to check your unit and do an overhaul of the unit.


  1. An overhaul is much more than chemical washing where each of its internal parts is checked and it is repaired or replaced.
  2. One should go for an overhaul if the aircon has become defective or it has become too old.

A chemical overhaul is a little more than just chemical washing and is a professional company that can offer you a very efficient overhaul service. You can find their reviews from any social network like Pinterest or Facebook, etc.

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