Catamaran trips in Barcelona – relaxation and beautiful views

Catamaran trips in Barcelona have always been a popular way for locals and visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

It’s hard to forget the spectacular views of the city in the sunshine or illuminated at night. “Barcelona Boat Rental” agency offers to plan your trip and choose a tour based on the length of the excursion.

You can see:

  • day or evening Barcelona;
  • expand your knowledge;
  • spend your time wisely;
  • enjoy delicious cuisine;
  • take stunning photos;
  • breathe fresh air.

Catamarans for rent are comfortable upper and lower decks equipped with lightweight chairs and seating where you can enjoy the surrounding landscape, sunbathe, breathe fresh air, and enjoy delicious coffee.

For those who cannot tolerate direct sunlight, there are areas under a special tent that even allows staying in the fresh air in bad weather.

Spend your free time wisely on the following vessels:

1. Eco Slim catamaran, from 1090 euros per hour

an elite boat that can accommodate from 50 to 147 guests at the same time. The vessel is equipped with a salon, bar, bathrooms, and a galley. The upper deck has an open observation platform furnished with furniture made of natural wood.

There is also a semi-open area with wooden tables and soft chairs. The banquet hall is located on the lower deck and is equipped with a beautiful mirrored ceiling and the necessary audio and video equipment;

2. Cala San Vicente catamaran, from 970 euros per hour 


a modern pleasure craft that is ready to take up to 147 people on board in the format of a buffet. The boat’s salon features high ceilings, it’s very spacious, thanks to the absence of vertical poles, and is equipped with a bar counter, dining tables, and soft sofas.

The catamaran’s noise insulation and heat retention are well taken care of. The deck is protected from vibrations by a special coating;

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3. Eco Sail catamaran, from 2500 euros per hour 

a modern and comfortable boat. Its crew is ready to welcome up to 250 people on board. The catamaran is equipped with a luxurious banquet hall with panoramic windows, where tables can be rearranged in several ways.

The hall is equipped with a climate control system and the necessary equipment for celebrations. The open upper deck allows guests to enjoy the views and beauty of Barcelona. In good weather, dancing and other entertainment can be organized here.

Catamaran rental on the website includes stops at any convenient location. The ship schedules are specially designed to fully provide guests with a complete rest.


During the stops, you can disembark, have a snack, return, and continue your journey. The number of stops is not limited. During the sea excursions, people usually gather on the upper decks to take spectacular photos and enjoy the beauty of the city’s landmarks and surroundings.

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