Car Detailing 101

Car Detailing 101 For New Car Owners

Owning a car is indeed very gratifying since it is beneficial in different ways. And in a country where the primary form of transportation is cars, it is almost a necessity. Owning your first car may be one of the happiest times of your life, but it also comes with a huge responsibility. First, you need to think of your mortgage as well as insurance policies. Do not forget to add gas on your budget too and you also have to save some money for future maintenance or emergency repairs. Owning a car is not just having a ride to take you everywhere; it also takes money and responsibility.

And if you want your car to last longer and avoid expensive repair and maintenance fees, then you need to ensure you take care of it properly. You need to make sure it is well-maintained and that it is clean at all times. You also have to check that everything is working correctly.

Car Detailing 101


Among the many maintenance tips, we can give, car detailing is on top of the list. It is beneficial in many ways in securing the safety and appearance of your ride. But if you are a new car owner, you might not be familiar with it yet. Here are the basic things you need to know about auto detailing.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is the process of cleaning a car thoroughly. It is different from car washing, contrary to what many people think. Car washing is merely washing the car, and it can be done as often as necessary, and you can even do it yourself. On the other hand, car detailing requires experts to do it. They follow specific processes so to clean the interior and exterior of an automobile thoroughly. Car detailing Houston is also not done as often as car washing. For this, you can have it once or twice a year only depending on the status of your car.

Car Detailing Process

Interior Detailing

The first part of detailing is the interior portion. An auto detailer will clean every inch of your interiors, so all particles like dust and food crumbs are wiped off. They will also check that it is in excellent condition. If there are minor issues, they often put wax to polish it off and for it to look new again.

Best way car detailing

Exterior Detailing

The next part of the detailing process is the exterior one. When we say exterior, they often start on your hood. They methodically clean the engines and other components located on your front. They make sure that it is not only cleaned, but all parts are checked for leaks. A clean engine is necessary for making sure that your car is running at its best. The next part they clean is the outer portion of your vehicle. Once done, they apply protective wax on the paint to protect it from getting scraped off easily. Lastly, they also make sure that they clean the tires and put some sealant for protection.

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