Canada: when is the best time to visit?

If you are planning for a vacation, Canada is one of the countries that you should visit. However, it would help if you considered certain things before you go there. Aside from getting the ETA, it is best to check the climate guide to prepare for what may happen to your trip. Here is the general guide to know when is the best time to visit Canada.

When Should I Visit?

when is the best time to visit

Once you have the Canada Visa, the best time that you should visit the country is during the fall months, which falls from September through November. It is the time where the weather is cool yet still comfortable; prices drop, no sign of the summer crowd, and the beautiful backdrop thanks to the changing fall foliage is perfect for your vacation.

The summer months, generally speaking, is the most popular time to visit the country, however, regardless of the time you visit the country, there’ll still be advantages and disadvantages. Despite this, it is best that you can procure Canada ETA to plan your vacation better.

when is the best time to visit

The Weather

With the vastness of Canada, it is safe to say that not all-weather in the country is the same. For example, Montreal is cold beginning in December, accompanied by multiple massive snowstorms throughout the winter season, whereas Vancouver during winter rarely gets sub-zero temperature or snow.

The span of winter in Canada usually spans from December until February but can also last until April in some parts of the country. Except for the coastline of British Columbia, the winter season in Canada are long and cold.

Spring arrives on the west coast by the end of February ringing in the last of the freezing temperatures. At higher elevations, snowfall can continue, particularly at ski resorts like Whistler or Banff, through May.

when is the best time to visit

June marks the arrival of the summer season, bringing high humidity and hot weather especially in the eastern and central areas of the country. It is typically cooler on the west coast during summertime. If you are in the far reaches of Canada’s north, many cities see daylight for as long as 20 hours. Make sure that you pack insect repellant in the summer months!

During the fall season, the entire of Canada provides cooler temperatures and less humidity compared to the hotter days of the summer months. Vancouver, which can be quite wet through most of the year, experiences its driest month in September.

when is the best time to visit

Canada’s Peak Season

Summer is the peak season in Canada, mostly late June through September when schools are out of session, and the weather is warm. While some rural areas are seeing fewer crowds, booking your visit earlier can help if you are going to visit popular destinations like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Many of the country’s national parks experience a swell in a visit during the summertime holidays, and there is a rise in the rates of travel and accommodation during this time. Getting that ETA Canada ahead of time can help you with your vacation if you are planning to visit during the peak season.

the best time to visit

Festivals and Key Events in Canada

  • January-March

Regardless of the cold weather, Canada is still a favorite place to visit during this time. You can check Ottawa and glide along with the world’s largest natural ice rink, the Skateway. The Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights in Ontario starts in November but runs until January. Enjoy the spectacular light show that includes lighted displays and fireworks over the falls.

If you are in Toronto, you can attend a restaurant festival called Winterlicious, where you can get to taste affordable prix-fixe menus prepared by some of the city’s best chefs. In Quebec, you can check out the Quebec Winter Festival, the largest winter carnival, with its fantastic ice and snow sculptures.

the best time to visit

  • April-June

April is an excellent time to travel to Canada with longer days, and the weather is improving. Ski season is at its most beautiful with sunny days and blue skies. May is where you’ll get to enjoy the national parks for you can explore them before the peak season starts. You can also do whale watching on the Atlantic Coast.

June is considered by many people the ideal time to visit the country. Hiking trails are open and in the northern part of the country that closed due to the snow is also open for you to explore. If you are a jazz lover, this is the best time to check Festival de Jazz de Montreal, the most significant event of its kind, and features hundreds of concerts free of charge!

the best time to

  • July-August

It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the long summer days and the great outdoors. Check out the summer festivals like Canada Day and the Calgary Stampede. The salmon run is also one of the events you shouldn’t miss out on. It is one of nature’s great showcases where the salmon returns from the ocean traveling into the river system.

  • September – October

The comfortable weather that autumn can make you enjoy outdoor activities even more. It is the perfect time to check the Niagara Falls and appreciate the view. It is also an excellent month to witness bears fishing for migrating salmon.

the best time to

  • November- December

Regardless of the darker days and temperature drop, November and December are still active months. You can check the Toronto Santa Claus Parade with your family, a festive parade of decorative floats.

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