Benefits Of Infographics For Business And How To Use It Smartly

Eight seconds is the average attention span, according to a study. In that span, marketers get the chance to grab and engage potential customers. Unfortunately, digital marketers need to cut that time even shorter. Fortunately, infographics can help to catch viewers’ attention and convey a key message because it is complete visuals.

Overlooked information can be transformed into infographics or something visually appealing grabbing viewers’ eyes and generating prospects for the business. Create infographics that are simple with less text, which can catch viewers’ attention.

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Benefits of infographics for business

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Infographic is a visual tool that allows for communicating information, illustrating a principle, or telling a story clearly and efficiently.

Historical proof

Visual communication has been dated back to 35,000 BC [ancient cave paintings], while written language is since 3,200 BC. Humans are genetically wired to interact more optimistically with graphics than text.


  • 90% of the information conveyed to the human brain is via visuals in comparison to the other four senses – smell, hear, taste, and touch.
  • According to scientists, the brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text.
  • 65% of humans are visual learners even if only 50% of neural tissues are related to vision in one way or another.

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  • Instant impact – Within 5 sec of landing on your site page, the visitor decides to keep reading or not. On the other hand, the possibility of a visual presentation grabbing a visitor’s attention in 5 sec is more than compared boring lengthy text.
  • Sharing ability – Currently, infographics are the fastest shared content on social media. If you overlook the visual content, your competition will.
  • Effective message conveyor – No one wants to read the lengthy statistics and written conclusion. It is boring and time-consuming. Infographics are an effective message conveyor even if the set of data is lengthy.
  • Enhances brand awareness – Because of its shareability nature, good infographics go viral. If your brand name and logo are a part of this infographic then people will relate your business with expertise and efficiency.
  • Increases engagement – Visuals stimulate the viewers to respond. When Facebook introduced timelines for brands, engagement with visual content increased by 65% within a month.
  • Compelling marketing – A graphical illustration of the benefits of your product is more compelling than a bullet point list. The visuals can instantly show how the product can enhance a customer’s life.
  • Presentation upgrading – Corporate presentations jammed with pie charts and bar graphs are a turnoff. Participants will yawn and look bored during the presentation if the meaning behind the information is not instant and clear.
  • Enhances SEO ranking – Infographics are shared a lot, which results in driving more traffic, more inbound links, and ultimately an increase in SEO ranking.

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Social media perspective

  • 93% of businesses and marketers are on social media.
  • 58.4% of the total global population uses social media.

The statistics reveal that a lot of the global population can possibly share your infographic. Consider the brand awareness your business can get!

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