Ask These Questions While Hiring Any Janitorial Service

It has been noticed that people often do not ask enough questions of prospective janitorial vendors. Most people prefer to hire a company only based on their price, and later regret because of poor service, and then repeat the process again and again.

Most customers have resigned to the fact that they won’t get good service and have very low expectations. We believe this resignation stems from the fact that people don’t understand the importance of hiring wisely.

Janitorial Service

All Ready Janitorial Services is one professional company offering janitorial service that has a good reputation on the market. While hiring any janitorial service provider like this company, it is necessary to ask a few good questions to understand more about the services.

The following are a few good questions to ask before hiring any janitorial services for your office.

1. Since when have you been in this business?

Obviously, a company that has been in this business for a long time must have seen many issues and will be more efficient and proactive as compared to any company which is a start-up.

2. How much your cleaning services do cost?

If you select any janitorial service based on their lowest price offer then you will end up getting a poor service only.  As a responsible business owner, you must consider this fact while hiring them.

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Janitorial Service

3. What is your cleaning schedule?

It is necessary that the cleaning schedule should not clash with your timing. You need to ensure while hiring that your premises will be cleaned much before your staff reports to duty in the office.

4. What type of insurance do you have?

Accidents may occur during the cleaning process. You may be responsible for reimbursement if the janitorial cleaning firm does not have insurance. As a result, firms searching for cleaning services should inquire about the janitorial company’s insurance coverage.

5. Are you a licensed company?

Make sure that you only hire a company that has got the required license as a janitorial service provider. Licensed companies are generally monitored by the government.

6. What are the cleaning products that you generally use?

You must check that the janitorial services company’s products are environmentally friendly. As a result, inquire about the cleaning products used by the organization and why they choose them.

Janitorial Service

7. What is your hiring process for the crew?

Most people hesitate to ask this question, however, remember that individuals will be cleaning your building without supervision late at night or early in the morning. So, you must be certain that you can trust them.

8. Can you give any references?

It will be a good idea to ask the contact number of other clients and a good service provider will readily share that.

9. How should we communicate with you?

You must know the mode of communication and the responsible person whom to contact if you need to discuss anything related to their service quality.

10. What type of training do you provide to your crew?

It will be good to know what kind of training is provided to people who will be offering the services at your premises.

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