Are White Kitchens In or Out?

Kitchen design trends change so rapidly. People and homeowners experiment with a variety of innovative decor elements on a daily basis, however, some endure and stick around.


In the 1920s and 1930s, cabinetry, countertops, and floor tiles were almost exclusively white. According to The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn, IL, despite the tremendous changes in trends over the last century, white is still one of the most enchanting and desirable color palettes when renovating a kitchen.

While it’s often regarded as a safe option, its soft and warm shades and crisp appearance never fail to impress. So before you embark on your next remodel, read on and learn all the reasons why the popularity of white kitchens continues.

Why should you go for a white kitchen?

There’s something soothing, orderly, and welcoming about white – qualities that can make a crowded space feel more relaxed and organized. An all-white kitchen adds brightness to your cooking and dining areas, and it can also serve as a blank canvas for your decorating ideas.

The following factors explain why it’s a winning color choice for kitchens:

1.   It goes well with any interior style

Remodeling a kitchen can be a pricey endeavor. Nobody can afford to change their kitchen every day, so make sure you choose wisely if you want the final design to last for years down the road.

Whether you live in a newly built home or one that has been renovated, white kitchens are always considered stylish, and for a reason. It’s impossible to find a better color to match any architectural style or home design quite like white.

2.   It gives you plenty of options

Using white as a base makes it easy to be creative. Besides adapting to individual tastes and preferences, whites work beautifully with other colors. The moment you decide to change the look of your cooking area, it will easily accommodate any color scheme you choose.

The shades of white are endless: ranging from cool, bluish whites to creamy yellows, allowing for the hue that suits you best. Moreover, you can incorporate other textures and materials such as natural wood, high-grade countertops, and statement lighting. Having a white kitchen truly opens up the world to you.

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3.   Looks clean & fresh at all times

White is synonymous with cleanliness and hygiene. When compared with darker tones that might conceal dirt, white kitchens are fully transparent, bringing a feeling of purity and light to any home.

Accentuate the beauty of a room by paying attention to texture, accessories, furniture, and appliances and use these to hide architectural imperfections, such as air ducts, wall blemishes, etc.

4.   Provides you with a sense of peace

White is the perfect kitchen color not just for practical reasons, but also for emotional ones. As a general rule, we tend to associate white with purity and balance – qualities we look for in food preparation areas.

A calm, harmonious atmosphere has long been associated with a bright, clean-lined space – an ideal kitchen setting. This hygienic color maximizes the amount of light in the kitchen without feeling clinical. This is particularly helpful if your cooking area is small, dark, or a combination of the two.

5.   Potential buyers will like it

The kitchen plays a major role in determining a home’s resale value. With the right culinary station, it could be worth up to 15% more. Despite the range of kitchen themes you can choose from, going with pure white will maximize your profits.

This means there will never be a decrease in demand for white cabinets. Apart from their natural nature, they also appear less dated than most cabinet colors and fit effortlessly into any existing design scheme or home style.

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