Different Types and Applications of Material Handling Equipment

For many companies and warehouses, material handling equipment can be very crucial for handling and storing bulk material. Generally, when we mention material handling equipment then it is equipment that is meant for moving, controlling, protecting, or storing material through different processes at warehouses.


Such equipment can also be found in use in many different industries, and by knowing more about this type of equipment, you can better organize your facility with the proper selection of equipment and systems to meet the needs of your company.

A few of the materials handling equipment have been briefly discussed below:

1.      Pallet inverters

A pallet inverter is an essential piece of equipment needed for turning any pallet and offers smooth transfers just by pushing a button or pulling a lever. Top Industries is one of the suppliers of such equipment.

This equipment can boost efficiency and also reduce waste for the business.

2.      Bulk handling material equipment

Bulk material handling equipment is the equipment, which can transport, store and control bulk materials. Some of them are:

  • Hoppers are meant for pouring loose materials into containers.
  • Reclaimers are designed for picking up loose materials from a stockpile.
  • Conveyor belts for moving materials in bulk from one place to another.
  • Stackers are used for moving loose materials to stockpiles
  • Bucket and grain elevators for transporting and storing grain materials.85

3.      Engineered systems

Engineered systems are equipment for automated bulk material handling to transport and store materials. A few such systems are:


  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems use a shuttle to collect loose materials, which are then placed on necessary system components. The picking process can be carried out either manually or mechanically.
  • Automated guided vehicles are used for moving materials safely around the facility on pre-set pathways.
  • Robotic delivery systems are used for transporting materials on an assembly line
  • Conveyor systems are meant to automatically transport materials throughout a facility.

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4.      Industrial trucks

Industrial trucks are designed to help with material transportation. The following are some examples of industrial trucks.

  • Hand trucks are designed to offer operators the leverage they require for rolling heavy materials to certain new locations
  • Side loaders are fitted between narrow aisles for easy picking up of items on either side.
  • Pallet trucks are designed for slipping under the pallet, lifting it up, and then properly securing it for taking to a new location
  • Order pickers safely lift operators, enabling them to get access to hard-to-reach materials.

5.      Storage and handling equipment

In order to safely keep and organize goods while they wait for another step in the production or distribution process, storage and handling equipment are necessary. Some of the examples are:


  • Drawers, bins, and shelves are used for storing and organizing basic materials
  • Mezzanines help companies for storing items vertically and the floor space of the warehouse remains free.
  • Racks help to store materials in accessible locations to save floor space.
  • Stacking frames are meant to easily stack items on top of one another.


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