Alcohol Usage and Their Effects on Your Health

Alcohol Usage and Their Effects on Your Health 1

Having too much alcohol can affect your health. Excessive intake of alcohol leads to death.

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Excessive drinking

Excessive drinking contains binge drinking, drinking heavy, and any consumption drinking by pregnant women or individuals under the age of 21.

Binge drinking: is a common form of excessive drinking, the consumption is defined as

  • In men, more than 5 drinks in a single part.
  • In women, more than 4 drinks in a single party.

Heavy drinking happens when you consume:

  • In men, 8 and more drinks in a week.
  • In women, 15 and more drinks in a week.

Not everyone who drinks excessively is an alcoholic or dependent on alcohol.

Alcohol Usage and Their Effects on Your Health 2

Moderate drinking:

There is a legal age when an adult can decide their interest in drinking or to drink an average amount by keeping limits. When alcohol is consumed in a day 2 or less should be the limit for men, and women can have 1 drink or less. If any adult decides to drink it would be better to drink less for health than drink a lot and be addicted.

How can alcohol affect your health?

Many people drink alcohol to relax and get in vibe with people. Alcohol can be a healthy part of your life if you consume it in the right manner. Drinking too much can harm your health physically and mentally.

How can alcohol be a health issue?

Having unlimited drinks at once can lead to dependence on it. A huge amount of drinking can lead to death, disease, and injury. During pregnancy, drinking can be risky for the baby. Some are at higher risk to be affected by alcohol if you are under 18, engaged in an activity like driving, are older than 65 or are taking any medication or drugs.

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Alcohol Usage and Their Effects on Your Health 3

Short term effects because of alcohol

A lot of you may be drinking without a limit on a single occasion, but the least you know about the side effects it had to offer you all.

Types of short-term side effects because of drinking are

  • Unconsciousness
  • Coordination loss
  • Less judgment ability
  • Loss of memory
  • Accidental injuries
  • Harming yourself or others
  • Alcohol poisoning

Alcohol Usage and Their Effects on Your Health 4

Long term effects because of alcohol

More than two strands of drinks can affect your health for a lifetime.  Dependence, addiction, depression, anxiety, and risk of suicide all are effects of alcohol.

Drinking heavily regularly can affect

  • The brain – limitless drinking affects concentration, mood, memory, and judgment. Increase the risk of getting a stroke and dementia development.
  • The heart – increase in blood pressure which leads to heart attack and heart damage can be because of alcohol.
  • The liver – drinking 4 and more strands in a day develops the chances of liver cancer.
  • Fertility – regular drinking reduces men’s level of testosterone, sperm count, and fertility. Women’s periods get affected by drinking too much.

Have a limit on your drinks. Drinking a small amount is ok and healthy if you have a healthy lifestyle. Having an unhealthy lifestyle and unlimited drinks in it can affect your health in a bad way.

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