8 Signs of Impaired Driving And How To Avoid It

You’d be wondering how in the world did a police officer know that you’re DWI (driving while intoxicated). What are the signs of impaired driving? How did he know your driving under the influence of alcohol? If you know these signs, you can prevent illegal charges against you. Check out these tips and signs from the trusted Houston DWI defense lawyer.

Swerving Vehicle

The road officer knows your DWI through observation. A swerving vehicle trying to correct its course is a sign of impaired driving. Your act is illegal and punishable by law when swerving partakes the nature of reckless driving. Be mindful that you’re not alone on the road. Plus, this act can cause an accident anytime.

Swerving Vehicle

Driving in the Middle of 2 Lanes

It is a quite obvious sign that you’re impaired driving. Using only one lane is the safest and the most appropriate way of driving. When driving on the national road, staying on your path is essential. It will serve as a guide to drivers. Everyone wants to pass the road intersection first, and road lanes will create a safe way for everyone.

Hitting or Nearly Hitting Something

You’re lucky if you only hit a traffic cone. What if you hit a person? You will undoubtedly face multiple charges. Plus, you will shoulder the victim’s medications. Aside from highway cone, you also need to be careful with posts, humps, and other traffic signage. You can’t lie from a police officer from this damages.

Erratically Driving

When an officer noticed you’re driving erratically, he will pull you over. Erratically driving means operating in an unusual pattern or movement. If you’re intoxicated, you probably hit the brakes carelessly as well, resulting in numerous stops. Drive as smooth as possible.

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Making a Right Turn at a Stop Sign

Always follow traffic lights, red, green, and yellow. Some cases handled by Houston DWI defense lawyer involves this sign of impaired driving. It is also known as a rolling stop or without coming to a complete halt in red light. Follow road traffic signs, no matter what.

Being Too Cautious

Too fast and too slow is not good. If you’re driving too cautious or slowly this sends an impression that you’re trying so hard to focus. Best DWI lawyer in Texas would always advise if you’re intoxicated just drive safely and normally. So don’t make it too obvious. Or to avoid an accident, avoid driving while intoxicated.

Turning Too Narrowly or Widely

Take a deep breath and turn smoothly when a police officer asks you to pull over. They will observe how well you manage the stops and how you turn off your vehicle. Turning too narrowly or widely can cause an accident so be careful.

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Allowing the Vehicle to Drift from Side to Side of the Roadway

You’re a driver, and you should be in control, right? So if you allow your vehicle to drift from side to side of the roadway, call a Houston DWI defense lawyer immediately. You’re in big trouble. But don’t worry, best Houston law firm like The Butler Law Firm offers a free consultation.

Allowing the Vehicle to Drift

Road charges are inevitable. You can save yourself before it’s too late. Now that you know these signs of impaired driving, you can avoid road officers from pulling you over. Do you feel like you’re still in a big mess? Book a free consultation now, and you’ll win this case.

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