7 Tips for Designing a Walk-In Wardrobe You have Always Dreamt

While walk-in wardrobes were only found in wealthy homes once, today they are a part of more and more residences.

One reason for this is the comfort and space they provide for arranging anything and everything anyone might have.

Besides, the fun of showing off a well-arranged and organized walk-in wardrobe is simply ultimate.

If you are considering designing luxury walk-in wardrobes, and have the space and budget to do so, this article will surely entice you.

luxury walk-in wardrobes
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We have discussed many ideas of how you can free up space in your bedroom, and simply design a clutter-free area for your clothes, shoes, and every accessory. So, let’s start…

7 Tips to Create an impressive walk-in Wardrobe

1. Use the spare bedroom

If you have an extra room right beside your bedroom, or the kids have moved out, it is time to convert this spare room into a practical walk-in wardrobe.

Converting an entire room into a wardrobe will not only give you the space to adjust all your clothes and accessories, but you can even have your dressing table and additional seating arrangement in it.

2. Use those tight corners

Every house has some unusable awkward corners, alcoves, and sloping ceilings. These spaces are usually useless unless you give them time and effort and design something beautiful.

One of the best things for which you can use these corners is wardrobes. Create a personalized unit and arrange your things more systematically.

3. Personalize your storage

Use clear fronted drawers and moveable racks to keep things handier. Many companies will help you in personalizing your wardrobes as per your suggestions. In simple words, it is possible to have space for everything right from bras to boots.

4. Protect your stuff well

Yes, even if you have designed a walk-in wardrobe recently and everything now has its own space, you might have to store a few things more securely than others.

For instance, it is best to store jumpers in plastic bags to keep the moths away or wrap the gloves and hats in acid-free tissues.

5. Maintain an order

If you are someone who is always rushing, it is best to arrange your clothes in an appropriate order.

Design a wardrobe in which you can follow the basic outfit order like tops – bottoms – shoes – accessories. This will make it possible for you to grab and go things easily.

Keep your walk-in wardrobe neat
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6. Keep your walk-in wardrobe neat

If your walk-in wardrobe is not very spacious, you must keep it as neat and clean as possible. So, while designing ensure things like keeping the floor clear. This will make the area look bigger than it is.

7. Proper lighting is paramount

Don’t underestimate the need for good lighting. Effective use of lights can make any room look bigger and better.

Also, try to add a few plug sockets to your walk-in wardrobe. This will be necessary if you plan to blow dry, straighten or curl your hair in there.

There you go. Finally, to ensure better use of space, have dual-level hanging areas, use racks and boxes for shoes, drawers to keep undies and pajamas, and a thin pullout drawer for your jewelry and watches.