Experience Contrasts Of India

6 Must Experience Contrasts Of India

The country of the thousand colors offers the traveler an authentic sensory experience. From that one land is able to perceive the smell of spices, the livestock that can be seen through its streets or of its delicious cuisine which can be enjoyed in many of the markets. Its heat is almost palpable, although the touch more enjoyable is the silk road of their saris, as different as their cities, which change from pink to blue to brown or white uppermost in a wide range of shades. India feels so we suggest you to sharpen the senses to enjoy the contrasts that offer the country.

The Color

The colors of India are as happy as people who are mixed between them. Both in their markets such as in the clothing of women or in the architecture of some of their cities you’ll be amazed by the mixture of hues. In the area of Rajasthan, North India is where you will find some of their cities monochromatic. Some of them are Jaipur – the capital city, which is known as the pink city of India because of the tone salmon of its most emblematic buildings. Jodhpur, the second largest in the region where the houses which have been placed in the Mehrangarh Fort is began painting the blue to quell the heat and eventually spread to the rest of the buildings and Jaisalmer nicknamed the golden city by the yellowish color of his rock.

Must Experience Contrasts Of India

The Smell

It is the first sense that is activated when landing in India to perceive the smell of spices, flowers, and perfume among others perhaps less pleasant. The last of them dates back to the first civilizations that settled in the valley of the Indus when it began to mix the sandalwood oil with a distillate of flowers and plants of the place. The smell of roses, amber, or jasmine perfumed the stays of the former Maharajas and today in many of the markets or establishments of the country.

The species is omnipresent throughout the trip.  Just a walk down any street you feel the curry, cardamom, or peanut oil with the cooked many of the traditional dishes. Another of the odors that are appreciated is the incense present in the makeshift altars of makes on many occasions. I managed to cover some less pleasant aromas.

Delights and Delicious Food

These smells of their markets are tasted on the table or in the food stalls that are located in the streets. The Indian gastronomy is characterized by being rich in spices in the abuse of the spicy and the variety of vegetables. Among the ingredients used the most are chili, curry, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, saffron, etc. In fact, the country has a well-known mix the garam masala which is used in many of its dishes. To be entered in the kitchen of India you can start with the thali, a metal tray with small bowls with the most representative of its gastronomy. Among the best places, you cannot miss the Tandoori chicken seasoned with spicy after taste and masala. Rice biryani or dosa – a crêpe typical of the south of the country.

Delights and Delicious Food

The Sound

The joy of India also is perceived through the ear. The hustle and bustle of the cities, the prayers of their temples, or the horn of the cars are some of the most characteristic. Its film industry, with great international acceptance, knew how to modernize its more traditional music making it one of the main tourist attractions. The Bollywood sounds can be heard in many of its bars, parties, buses, or public spaces inviting us to dance to the rhythm of the locals, who do not hesitate to improvise authentic dance floors.

Touch the Culture

India also is felt. One of the tissues more grateful is the Silk Road, a product that formerly arrived in the country thanks to the popular merchants who transported the goods from China to Europe and Africa. This tissue, which is made up of many of the saris of colors that women dress, can be found in the markets or fabric stores in the big cities. In Varanasi are located several of the factories where they offer the possibility to buy the clothes to the weight or do the suit. The wool is also another of the most abundant materials in their markets.

All About Luxury

India offers various luxury options to experience. Whether it is Heritage Hotels, Luxury Trains, and other options. Travelers can find various heritage hotels, Havelis, and palaces to experience the royalty in their trip. Most of the Havelis and palaces have been converted into luxurious hotels to make travelers feel like royal. Not only hotels and resorts, one can experience the Luxury Trains in India which provides the royal services onboard. You can Book Maharaja’s Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, and Golden Chariot to explore Incredible India.

India All About Luxury

Maharaja Express Trains

Although, without a doubt, there is no better touch in India than the human being. A handshake, a hug, or a smile of its people, as warm as the hospital. They are the ones who actually do the special country and that allows us to add a sixth sense: the ability to feel the real India.

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