Choosing The Right WordPress Plan

3 Steps To Choosing The Right WordPress Plan

Just as a house requires a sturdy foundation, a WordPress website asks for robust web hosting. Web hosting basically means the computing resources required to run a website. To put it simply, you hire a server along with the networking equipment so that you can create a place for your website to stay on the internet and allow people to access it.

The company that gives you the web hosting plan to run WordPress websites is your host. However, not all of the hosts which can run WordPress sites necessarily provide a good service.

3 Steps To Choosing The Right WordPress Plan

Once you decide which WordPress Host to go with, the next step is to select the right plan. Just as you can make your choice from the several plans, which are on offer from your mobile service provider or your Internet service provider, you can make a pick from the various plans offered by your host.

However, picking the right WordPress Plan for your website involves some research, a few aspects of which we will discuss here. The web hosting company you choose determines the following:

  • How secure your site remains
  • How frequently it goes offline
  • How fast your site is
  • How quickly and easily you get support whenever required
  • Your next question will naturally be: “How do I choose a WordPress Plan?”

Here are 3 main steps to the process of picking up a host that can offer you a perfect plan.

Finalize your host

There are various types of hosting:

  • Shared;
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS);
  • Cloud;
  • Dedicated; and
  • Managed.

The types that are apt for your business will depend on whether you want to manage your website hosting yourself or allow the host to manage it. In the first case, that is, if you choose to Do-It-Yourself, then your best option will be Shared Hosting; whereas, if you choose to let the host manage it, then Managed Hosting will be a good choice as, in this, the host manages the technicalities of web hosting for you. Most businesses prefer to Managed WordPress Hosting!

There are companies that offer many types of hosting, while there are others that offer just one or two. While choosing one of them, you must keep in mind the needs you have listed, and then start comparing the hosts that offer all the features you need.

One easy way to spot the right WordPress host for your website is to discuss with someone who works with a WordPress service provider or a WordPress agency. Another popular and effective way is to extensively read reviews, though you have to be a bit careful about this because review sites are sometimes biased. Look for review sites that publish reviews from actual users.

Decide your hosting needs

As with several other projects, you should first ask yourself, “DIY or DFY?”

The first one means ‘Do It Yourself’. And the meaning is obvious. Do you wish to manage your own hosting? The second one stands for ‘Done for You’, which obviously means, you want someone else to handle your hosting. If you are not sure that you have complete knowledge of all the relevant aspects of hosting, it will be safe to leave it to the hosting experts.

Consider these key aspects when determining your hosting needs. The things that you usually need are the following:


You should be able to protect your website from hacking and effectively tackle any other security issue. You need to be able to recover as quickly and easily as possible in case of an attack.


Your site needs to be available 24/7. So, you need a WordPress Plan that can give you 99.9% uptime. With the help of your web host, you should be capable of detecting and fixing any downtime issue rapidly.


This refers to the space your website will be taking on the server. This is typically measured in GB (gigabytes). So, your need is to ensure a space that not just accommodates all the files you need to host, but also leaves room for growth. Hosts are usually open to easy upgrades, but it is always good to confirm it before signing up with the host.


This term refers to the volume of data (in GB) that can be transferred per month. So, you need a WordPress Plan that provides you with adequate bandwidth that also supports your website’s growth. Again, it is always good to confirm it before signing up with a host, even though hosts are mostly open to easy upgrades.


Have a good look at the level of support you would need. The support provided by hosts is through a variety of channels, such as phone, email, live chat, ticket system. While there are certain hosts that only assist with the server hardware and software, there are others that help with the WordPress administration too.

Choose your hosting plan

Once you have shortlisted the best WordPress Hostnames, it’s time to compare the WordPress Plans they have on offer. You can use the key aspects covered in this article as pointers to select the plan that suits your website and business.


A host that makes hosting simple and easy-to-use are the best one. When you follow the above steps and then compare them, you will be able to spot a host that is offering a plan that puts emphasis on security, speed, and scale and also precisely suits your budget. Go ahead, and make your choice!


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