2021 Fall Gutter Cleaning in Maple Ridge, BC

Time to Schedule Your Fall Gutter Cleaning Service as rainy weather is here in 2021.

September/October/November is an excellent time to schedule an appointment to get the work done before companies get too busy.

Clean gutters will work best for you all winter, directing water away from your home. Dirt, leaves and roof sand has accumulated by now and is more than likely plugging up the drains in your gutters leading to overflow in rainy seasons.

Take advantage of a company like So Clean Home Services who have been reliable since 2009.

Save yourself from the worries and headaches . So Clean will get your gutters cleaned properly.

What do you get when you hire a professional Gutter Cleaning Service?

* 10 plus years experience.
* Trained professionals.
* BBB Accredited Members, 2 Million Liability Insurance and WCB Certified.
* On Time Schedule – Arrive on time with the tools and equipment required.
* Professionalism – Greet you at the door to go over the work before starting and address any issues that you require.
* Techniques – Use of ladder arms to prevent damage to gutters, proper use of safety equipment PPE, roof and valley clean up, gutters cleaned by hand.
* No mess – Gutter muck is bagged and taken away and clean grounds of their mess because it’s a dirty job.
* Respect for your property – Furniture moved back in place and closed gates when done.
* Report any issues or necessary repairs beyond the scope of work.

So Clean has it all. Get the work done quickly and professionally.

For a better home maintenance experience Call 778-229-8994.

So Clean Home Services is base in Maple Ridge, BC. Also serving surrounding areas of the lower mainland. Offering a wide range of detailed services. Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning, Roof-De-Mossing and Gutter Repairs with warranty.

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